Our mission is to inform the world that the State of Israel does NOT represent Jews or Judaism.

Do you claim that Zionists promote anti-Semitism?


Do you claim that Zionist leaders promote anti-Semitism throughout the world to “encourage” Jews to leave their homelands and seek "refuge"?

It is dangerous to say things like this because then people may view anti-Semitism as self-inflicted, brought on by the Jew. The mentality will be: Blame the victim, not the perpetrator. For centuries, instigators of anti-Semitism have held Jews accountable for their own heinous crimes due to Jewish financial success and power, and perceived ethnocentricity, all tying into the conceptualization of "the Jewish problem". I don't believe that Israel's leaders intentionally promote anti-Semitism.

I think that Israel hopes more Jews will move there but would do so without dire consequences to Jews (e.g., the Oranim Birthright program sending Jewish students from North America to Israel for free for 10-days).

To conclude that Israeli leaders are purposefully provoking malicious intent toward fellow Jews for Zionist purposes seems a little unbelievable. If your claim is true however, then how do these leaders promote anti-Semitism around the world?


Zionists provoke anti-Semitism, whether they want to or not, by maintaining their state, the policies of which offend non-Jews around the world. It offends the Arabs because it's a sovereign "foreign" presence in their part of the world, and because of the expulsion of the Palestinian Arabs. It offends Europeans and Americans because of the constant Zionist activism and political pressure in their countries. America gives $3 billion a year to the State of Israel, almost $20 per taxpayer. Candidates for president are hounded by Zionists to make sure that they are 100% behind Israel and all its policies. This kind of behavior is bound to provoke anti-Semitism.

Once anti-Semitism exists, the Zionists benefit from it in terms of immigration to their state, and they say so themselves. Look at this article on our site.


In previous generations anti-Semitism was not provoked by the Jews, and we are not giving the impression that it was. We are saying that the way to stop anti-Semitism is through the traditional Jewish methods of prayer, gifts and escape, keeping a low profile, staying within our exilic role. The Zionist method of dealing with anti-Semitism has only aroused more of it, and created it in places where it did not previously exist.

Thank you. I appreciate the clarification and now better understand the perspective of Jews against Zionism. I am presuming that Jews against Zionism do not believe that Jews should have a homeland or maybe it it not the right time for Jews to be back in Israel according to some rabbis. Just a thought.

Yes, that is correct. According to the Talmud, Jews have been in exile since the destruction of the Second Temple and may not have a homeland until the Messiah comes.