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Do all Orthodox Jews agree with this website?

November 20, 2007

Do all Orthodox Jews believe the things stated in this website or are there differences in opinion on this matter?

Tim M.

Dear Tim,

Orthodox Jews today can be divided into two major groups: "modern Orthodox" Jews and more traditionally Orthodox Jews. This second group comprises the world of the Lithuanian yeshivas as well as the various Chassidic movements. Modern Orthodox Jews comprise the Young Israel network of synagogues, the Orthodox Union kashruth organization, and Yeshiva University. In the State of Israel, they include the NRP (National Religious Party), the Mizrachi organization, the Hesder yeshiva movement and the settler movement.

Modern Orthodox Jews keep most of the laws of Judaism but at the same time are very open to questioning traditional Jewish attitudes and beliefs. They take ideologies foreign to Judaism such as evolution, feminism and Zionism, and try to integrate them with the Jewish sources.

Traditionally Orthodox Jews, on the other hand, strive to maintain the traditional Torah attitudes and practices in every detail. Most traditionally Orthodox Jews are against Zionism and would agree with our website, although due to lack of education on these matters many are confused about the exact definition of Zionism and the historical approach of the rabbis to the issue.

There are about 1 million Orthodox Jews in America and another million in the Zionist state. In both countries the traditionally Orthodox constitute about 50% of all Orthodox, though it is hard to be exact.