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Should a Noahide keep away from Zionism?

Aug 4, 2008

I am a noahide and for the first time I reallize that the torah forbides a zionst state. I want to be true and faithful to Hashem in my life. As a noahide am I commanded not to have anything to do with the zionist state? of all the noahide movements I think everyone is pro zionist. I think that the zionist movement has controlled all of the noahide movement. can you sned me teaching of want a true noahide is? and if a noahide person is a zionist is that person a false noahide? I know this much that Jewish people are to be a light unto the nations. please teach me what a true noahide is. for I believe that the zionist has hijacked the noahide movement.

Dear Jerry,

Thank you for your letter. I appreciate your desire for the truth. As a Noahide, you want to be a true friend of the Jewish people, which leads you to a dilemma, since there are so many who claim that friendship to the Jewish people means support for the Zionist state. But this is not the case.

Just a quick look at the historical record is enough to convince anyone that the State of Israel has not made life better or safer for Jews. 28,000 Jews have already been killed in its various conflicts, there has not been a quiet moment, and we are still in danger to this day.

Furthermore, the Torah teaches (Deuteronomy 30:3) that G-d will be the One to redeem us from exile. The Talmud explains further that any human attempts to bring an end to the Jewish exile will fail. To support such an attempt, made by Jews ignorant of their own Torah and Talmud, is not supporting the Jewish people.

A true Noahide will welcome the Jews as his neighbors, not support their immigration to a foreign country like the Zionist state.

Apart from this issue, the Noahide movement has been a great thing in bringing the Torah's message to the gentile world. We hope that your observance of the Seven Laws will make the world a better place.

Thank you for your quick reply. As a Noahide I believe
that you are to be a light unto the nations to all of us gentiles. I
know that as a gentile I am fobiden to study many parts of the torah.
What books can you recommend for me to read and study? You are right
that the noahide movement is a great movement to bring torah to the
gentiles! but if you look at the noahide movement you will see it is
100% controlled by the Zionist. They support and give money to groups
that promote aliya to Israel. Are you reaching out to the know noahide
groups to teach them the difference between true Judaism and securler
Zionism? It is my desire to please Hashem in my life.

Non-Jews seeking to learn about the Torah can be vulnerable to certain special interest groups of Jews, like the Zionists, who will take advantage of them and present their point of view as if it's the only Torah view. I think Noahides should read "A Threat from Within" by Yakov Rabkin, which details the full spectrum of Jewish views on Zionism and puts them in perspective so that an outsider can understand.

The Seven Laws are the minimum for gentiles, there are indeed some laws of the Torah that a gentile may not fulfill, but in between there is a large area where a gentile can excel. For example, we live in a very promiscuous and immoral society. To be sure there are legal standards for morality and certain things are still considered indecent. But society has fallen a long way in the last 100 years. I am sure that a gentile woman or girl who takes upon herself to dress and act modestly and decently will be rewarded by G-d. There is a book called "Doesn't anyone blush anymore" by Manis Friedman. It is somewhat geared to Jews but a non-Jew could gain from it just as well.

Also, there is a lot of crime today. A Noahide who doesn't steal or kill fulfills his own obligation, but he can go a lot further than that by working to combat crime, and to encourage the preservation of the stable family unit (mother, father, children living together) which tends to prevent kids from turning to crime.