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Have you been covered in the English Orthodox Jewish media?

May 30, 2008

Re: Natruna in Ha'eidah

I received the copy of the article in Ha'eidah, journal of the Eidah Chareidis of Jerusalem, about True Torah Jews Against Zionism.

I did not yet read the entire articles, however, my question is; has it also appeared in any major English publications?
In my opinion, it is so important that the world at large gets to read the voice of true Judaism's stand about the State Of Israel. The world news is totally controlled by those so called Jewish "Leaders" who are all mouthpieces for the Zionistic State of Israel.
The saddest part of course is to see so many good Rabbonim being influenced by the Zionistic leaning, leftist organization, Agudath Yisroel. I really feel like asking some particular rabbis (you can imagine who I have in mind) the following question; "If your great ancestor would be able to talk to you and advise you, which organization do you think he would urge you to be a member of, The Agudath Yisroel or The Hisachdus Harabonim??
It is frustrating to say the least, but at least you are trying to to shed some light upon this confused world.

Keep up your holy work

I'm sorry to say we haven't been in the English Jewish media, but we're
trying. Someone at Hamodia holds of us and gets
our newsletters, and is working on getting the weekly parsha pearls
into the Hamodia. That's the most we can say so far. Really the ideal
would be to have a non-Zionist English newspaper to compete with the
Yated and Hamodia, but one has to have money to start that.