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When did the Jewish people ascend to the holy land using force? They just took over by majority.


Hi, I'm not Jewish, so please forgive my lack of understanding. So the three oaths goes as follows.

"Not to ascend to the Holy Land as a group using force, not to rebel against the governments of countries in which we live, and not by our sins, to prolong the coming of moshiach."

When did the Jewish people 'ascend to the holy land as a group using FORCE'? And when the Jews went, didn't the Palestinians leave on their own accord? Also Palestine, at the time was not Palestinian. So I fail to see how the Jewish people rebelled against any of the countries laws or rulings, they just seemed to take over by majority, but that's not violent.

The reason I ask is because I showed a pro Zionist these oaths and they answered my argument with these points, and I would like to know if this person has a point. As far as I'm concerned looking at history, it does seem that according to Judaism, Israel is valid.

The Zionists used force when they took over the land in 1948. Britain announced that it was leaving on May 14 and whoever could gain control of the land would get it. They made this announcement after the UN recommended a Jewish state and an Arab state side by side, but did nothing to enforce their decision. So it was an ownerless piece of the land over which the Zionists and the Arabs fought.

The Palestinians did not leave of their own accord, nor were Jews the majority. Before the 1948 war, Jews constituted about one third of the population (600,000 out of 1,800,000) and owned about 5% of the land. The UN recommended a Jewish state in 54% of the land, drawing the borders so that the Jews would have a slight majority in their area. But the Zionists conquered 78% of the land and expelled or frightened out 700,000 Palestinian Arabs, so that they enjoyed an 80% majority in their new state.

It was not a war of defense, as Zionists sometimes claim. The only serious fighting they did was against the Jordanian Arab Legion, when the Zionists tried to conquer Jerusalem and the corridor leading to it. Jerusalem was not part of the Jewish state recommended by the UN, nor was the West Bank and a large area of land including Lydda and Ramleh. The Jordanians had been instructed by the British not to invade Jerusalem or the area allotted to the Jews. They kept the second half of that promise, and they only invaded Jerusalem when the Zionists tried to conquer it. The rest of the fighting against Jordan took place in areas allotted to the Arabs, where the Zionists weren’t supposed to be anyway.

There was some minor defensive fighting against Egypt and Syria, whose armies were totally unprepared for war and severely undersupplied, but even that could have been avoided had the Zionists not pushed for a state in the UN. They could have allowed the British Mandate to continue and there would have been no war. But Zionist terrorism caused British patience to run out. Zionist pressure held back Truman from accepting the European Jewish refugees into America, so that they should have nowhere to go but Palestine. When the UN Special Committee on Palestine proposed another suggestion besides partition (a joint federation between Jews and Arabs), the Zionists made sure it was immediately shelved. Several American congressmen, at the behest of the Zionists, embarked on a campaign of arm-twisting and bribery to convince several countries to change their vote so that partition should pass.

In conclusion, a Jewish state was not necessary, it was not handed to the Jews, it was won only by fighting, and there would have been no danger had a state not been declared.