Our mission is to inform the world that the State of Israel does NOT represent Jews or Judaism.

I will spread your message that not all Jews are Zionists.

Jan. 18, 2009

I am a Jordanian citizen who is currently living in Saudi Arabia. It was very interesting for me to see your web site, you might wonder what would make an Arabic man view a Jewish web site specially these days where the Muslims and Arabs are suffering tremendous amount of pain due to the crimes committed by "so called state of Israel" in Gaza strip.

I am trying to find out any piece of information which can explain to me the faith of these people who are very thirsty to our blood and why they are using the most advanced and sophisticated weapons against women and children. These questions are always popping up in my mind, why they are doing this? What have we done? Is it their god instructing them to do so? Their faith? Their believes? Their genetic code? I couldn't find any logical answers for all these questions. I couldn't understand why! giving the fact that we (the Arabs) used to have huge community of Jews living among us for decades and we never did to them what they are doing to us now.

Early 1980's I was still in my early childhood, Israel invaded Lebanon; I still remember those images of the women and children who were killed by the Israeli army in the refugee camps. I asked my father who are they and why they are doing this? The answer was, they are Jews and they hate us. Since then, the words Jew and evil for me were similar or even worse. I grew up with these images and thoughts. By the time new images continue to feed this perception and the hatred start to build up. The amount of hatred was growing inside me is too big to be described. I was always looking to the west Form my family house in Jordan. I could see the lights of the cars and houses on the other side of Jordan River. It is very near but I can't go there, the Jews (evils) are there. My favorite dream was the day it will be liberated and how happy I'll be.,

My first trip out side the Jordan was to Saudi. I met western peoples. I was able to build good relationships with some of them. We discussed the Israeli Arab conflict. I tried to find answers for my old questions. I thought they might be able to answer some of it. Non of them could give me reasonable answer, some justify it by the guilt feeling of the western nation because of the holocaust, actually this worsen the conflict in my mind simply because we are not the one who committed that crime. If this is the reason then the state of Israel should have been made in Germany not Palestine. Others said Palestine is their holly land. It used to belong to them 3000 years ago or so. Again the answer wasn't convincing. Shall we go now to the USA and kill people there and force the rest to leave and give the country back to the Native Americans.
Unfortunately none of them could answer my questions therefore I realized that we are victims of the barbarian nature of the human being.

I was very fortunate to see your web site. Now I realize that the problem is with Zionist not all Jews. I know that you are minority among the Jewish community but at least there are some people who still feel with us and believe with our rights and feel our pain. I'll make sure to inherit our fair case to my child but I'll tell him as well that there are some of the Jews don't agree with what Zionist did and what they will do to us.

Thank you for your kind letter. We are encouraged to see that our message is getting out and you and others who formerly hated all Jews now see there are some of us who are interested in preserving the good relationship that once existed between Jews and Arabs throughout the Arab world.