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Would you encourage Jews to live under a true Islamic state?

Dec. 29, 2007

Dear Rabbi,

Laka salaam wa rahmatullah wa barakatuhu

Firstly, I'd like to give you a little background as to who I am. I am a Muslim I converted from Christianity when very young (circa 11 years old) not that I ever had a choice in being a Christian when younger. I never believed in the Trinity and found it very hard to reconcile and very offensive. My parents were Christian Zionists and quite extreme at that. So, I was very familiar with the Bible and the Talmudic law. It was forced on me day and night. I do not regret it as it did give me the sound footing in the fear of Allah that I have now.

I was not shocked by your views at all but saw the harmony in them whereas Zionists are not G-d fearing at all they are merely secularists with secularists aims which you and I know, without the hand of the Almighty it is fruitless and vain and a path to sure distruction and a curse.

It is my view and a part of my belief as a Muslim and a believer in the one true G-d (Allah) or Al-Ishem. That there is no contradictions in any of the traditions I have read extensively Jewish scripts and rabbinacal opinions and Islamic law and actually find a harmony in the teaching on doctrinal level. I just wish that others would do the SAME. G-d is the best of knowers and planners.

The only differences arise when those who would have us believe they do things in our name respectively are actually pushing a secularist agend not fulfilling G-ds Will and law.

I have many questions I would like to discuss with you but for time sake I will ask only one.

My question to you is do you agree that true Jewish believers in the one true god who keep his oaths and commandments should live under the protection of the Islamic state? As it is my undersatnding that there is no man-made state who will protect the beloved Jewish people the way an Islamic state would. You of all people understand that every other state holds man sovereign where the Islamic state hold G-d as sovereign and his laws and his beloved prophets(all of them (peace be upon them all) from Adam to Muhammed)). You may be in diaspora but The Lord thy G-d never stated that you should be afflicted by the inherently evil laws of man, even though the diaspora was a punishment. It is even evinced by the fact that 3 oath jews are hated by other so called jews simply because they hold sovereign their law not G-d's law. Under an Islamic state where the children of God whether Christian, Muslim or Jew, there was absolute harmony and the Jewish peoples thrived and lived in complete peace and security. The problem began when the secular desires entered the thoughts and consciousness of the Jewish people that caused the problem. As it is causing the problem today and as a result killing thousands of people. Do you share this view and if not what exactly is your view?

The war in Palestine is not Judaism versus islam but, one set of secularist devils against another set of secularist devils who shroud themselves in the faith of their counrtymen to abuse their emotions. Do you agree with this?

It is my view that the Muslims and the Islamic state failed Jews and Christian alike when they themselves were punished by G-d for not holding fast to G-d's commandments and only ruling my the Kitab and sunnah of the prophet (the Quran and prophetic tradition (his rulings)). The state became weak as we adopted human laws and philosophy. Thus began the down fall. Allah warned both out communities about disobeying him and what the results would be if we did. The G-d fearing community is suffering the disgrace of living in shame of disobedience. The islamic state will arise again but only with the permission of G-d but when it does it will be the only safe place for true God fearing Jews who keep the oaths of their God as it is the law from God Himself that commands the Islamic state (Muslim) on pain of death to keep the rights and safety of the Jews and Christian and protect them. This information is not given to a lot of Jews by the G-d cursed zionist because it does not fit in with their agend, obviously.

What is the rabbi's opinoin on this subject as I would like to hold this opinion up to other Muslim to show them that there are Jews who still worship, love and fear Allah and that they should be under our protection against the secularist pagans who seek to distroy G-d's people, all of them, and decline our influence on the earth.

God comand that their should be not state of israel without the massiah but he did not state that he would not bring forth another state under which his rules laws and commandments would rule and protect you.

And let it be quite clear for all to see that Muslims do not hate Jews who keep God's commandments and fear him. Muslims do dislike secularist zionists who put their man-made filth over the land promised to the descendants of Ibraheem and the rest of the world. Zionist Mis-information is like the filth flowing from the mouth of the Whore of Babylon. It is poluting the whole earth and causing tremendous harm.

God bless you and guide you rightly insha'allah

Dear Joseph,

Thank you for your letter. It is our belief that if Jews keep the terms of the exile, G-d will take care of them and make sure that they are under benevolent kings and governments. The Muslim states, throughout the years of our exile, were, for the most part, good to the Jews. (I say "most" because there was the Almohad empire in Spain and Morocco in the mid-1100's who forced the Jews to convert to Islam.)

Yes, it is better for the Jews to live among G-d-fearing gentiles than among secular gentiles, provided that the gentiles do not force their religion on the Jews. The advantage is that there is no sexual immorality in the culture, the women dress modestly, and belief in G-d is prevalent even outside the Jewish community. One of my teachers, the great Rabbi Avigdor Miller, used to say that today, when most Jews live in a secularist environment, we are subjected to tests that we never encountered before: atheism and the theory of evolution. Until Darwin 150 years ago, everyone, Jews and gentiles alike, believed in a Creator. Thus the Jewish belief was reinforced from outside.

You say: "The war in Palestine is not Judaism versus islam but, one set of secularist devils against another set of secularist devils who shroud themselves in the faith of their counrtymen to abuse their emotions. Do you agree with this?"

I cannot answer for the Muslim side of the war whether their beliefs are secularist or religious. But I can tell you that on the Jewish side, at least at the beginning, your statement is true that it was secularist Jews who started the war. They used quotations from the Torah as a cover for their nationalism. However, now things have somewhat changed and there are unfortunately many religious Jews who think that Judaism supports Zionism. They have become the most militant settlers and fighters. I don't think they're using religion as a cover-up; I think they are truly misled and misguided. They really think their religion advocates what they are doing, and they must be re-educated.

(this is not a rebuttal in any way because I agree
with everything you said except on point)

Thank you for your answer and reply.

I am honoured that you have given your precious time to educate me.

Thank you very much and may G-d continue to increase your fear of him and
knowledge and may he guide you rightly. It was better than I had expected.

The forcing of dhimis to accept Islam is forbidden and is a great sin. But,
to force those who do not accept that there is no G-d except G-d is wholly a
different matter. G-d did not order the children of Israel to spread his
word throughout the world but G-d made this act an obligation on the Muslims
and not to do so is a culpable sin answerable on the day of judgement. But,
G-d has told us that there is no compulsion in religion.

Under the Hudud (Islamic law) Christians and Jews are allowed to retain
their faith because you accept that there is one G-d. I'm not so sure of
Christians now as they associate others with G-d as you know this is the
most abhorrent sin in our way of life- in Islamic teachings it is the only
sin where there is no forgiveness or redemption after one has accepted. The
only time when being Jewish or Christian will not be accepted is when the
Messiah returns and he will abolish the jizya (the tax that is levied on
non-Muslims as a price for not accepting Islam in its present form in an
Islamic state).

The only point that I do disagree with is that you say the militants within
the Jewish faith are misguided and not secularist cloaking themselves in the
faith. You understand that G-d was quite unequivocal in his calling for us
to worship him alone- there is no compromise. You yourself said that they
need re-education obviously to the right path. In Islam we too are afflicted
by those who think they are guided rightly but are actually walking outside
the distinction of monotheism.

Example: in Islam there are those who believe that the beard is a duty and
not to have a beard is a sin. Most believe that it is not a sin but is
against man's nature to shave his face, except for the moustache and that it
is something that is disliked as being unnatural to mans nature but will not
lead you to hell if done. Both depend on the interpretation of the hadith of
the Prophet (saw) and the source of law as given. This is within the realm
of monotheism and does not make one a non believer. But there are so called
Muslims who call for democracy and capitalism as a way to govern the state
but have Islam as just a ritual to govern weddings and culture i.e. a
secular way of life cloaked in Islam. This is clearly non-belief and I would
suggest a parallel with you militants.

Misguided means they have got an issue or issues incorrect (moot) that are
within the scope of monotheism. When people are mixing issues of monotheism
with that of secular policies and politics then this is offensive to g-d,
you are putting other g-ds before him or associating others with him. This
works as a negation. There is his way or no way. G-d did not give the
children of Israel his way of life to be mixed with other forms of living.
His message was strictly monotheism and not to put any G-ds whether man-made
or otherwise before him. So, in Islam, if this is done, you are not
misguided you become a non-believer when you know the truth. You are
misguided if you never knew the truth to start with. By definition if you
believe in G-d as your creator and believe in his word (books) and the
angels and the day of judgement you would not dare disobey him (1) and (2)
mix his way of life and laws with that of falsehood. It is a contradiction.
The three oaths are clear even to non Jews. No state of Israel without the
Massiah. This is black letter law as given; it is impossible to deny. In
fact the word for disbeliever in Arabic is denier (Kufar).

May G-d bless you and guide you rightly and increase your fear of him.


P.s. Can I get your opinion on the beard from a Judaic angle? What is the
law for you and what are the sources?

Dear Joseph,

Thanks for your comments. I think you misunderstood what I said about religious Zionists being misguided. There are those Jews who, as you say, think that religion should be confined to the ritual realm, while in the political realm they are secular nationalists. This is of course wrong; however this is not what I was referring to. I was referring to those in the religious settler movement who do not wish to see Judaism limited to rituals. They agree that Judaism should govern our political actions, only they misinterpret Judaism. They think that the oaths of exile have been annulled for whatever reason, and now we are supposed to go and conquer Palestine before the coming of the messiah.

If "misguided" to you means only those who err about a detail of religion but are still true to its major principles, then I will use a different word. These religious militant Jews certainly err in the major principles and are heretics. I think their error is an error and not an intentional departure from Judaism. Still, that does not excuse them. When you think about it, a lot of heresy is error, for if a person thinks that his believes are really what the Torah says, he is in error, isn't he? Yet he is still considered a heretic.

In Jewish law it is permitted to cut one's beard with scissors, with a trimming machine or with dissolving cream, but not with a razor. Still, to remove the beard is considered a sign of modernity and therefore most strictly Orthodox Jews have beards, even though technically there is a permitted way to remove the beard.

Again, I cannot thank you enough and I am truly humbled by your reply.

I wish that my scholars were as accommodating as you. Whenever you ask a
question you feel like you are disturbing the divine balance and the planets
will fall from their course. This approach does make you more independent
but sometimes it is just safer to ask and look like a blabbering idiot
rather than say something you later regret in debate. I have never been
afraid of daring to go against the grain to find out what others believe,
say and think.

I have learned through speaking with you and this site that there are people
who are apparently my brothers in Islam but call for democracy and secular
filth and lead secular lives and have no idea what G-d (swt) fearing means
but that there are people who are closer to me in fearing G-d (swt) but
ostensibly are different and have nothing in common besides our belief in
the one true G-d (swt) and fear him.

Again, may G-d (swt) guide you rightly and increase your fear of him and
protect you from the evil of this world and grant you success in the life to