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How can I help spread your ideas in Germany?

Jan. 9, 2009

Hello. I am very glad i have found your site.

I am German, but i found out i have Jewish Origine, by my father's side. I found it all out in the internet , my father and my family never spoke a single word about it.

My grandmother was Jewish and she survived the Holocaust. But i dont know anything about how my family survived living in the 3rd Reich.

But one thing i know: I always had the feeling that there must be something wrong about the official version of history. Because i know that not all Germans are "bad" people or a "collectively guilty nation" like the MassMedia and the official Version try to suggest. Israel presents herself as a "victim" state, but i have seen what they do the Palestinians. I frankly think, its not much better than what the Nazis have done to the Jews.

I read your website with great interest, and please correct me if i am wrong, but it seems to me as if the Zionists actually wanted and supported the Holocaust.
When i read the comments by Izaak Greenbaum, Ben Gurion and others, it becomes quite clear that they valued the existence of a Zionist state in Palestine far higher, than saving Jews! What Ben Gurion said about the children, is quite shocking: What he actually expressed, is: its "Ok" to sacrifice Jewish children as long as the Zionists get control over Palestine. I am so disgusted about the Idea that the Zionists seemed to have supported the Holocaust, i have no words to express my disgust. In fact , this adds completely up with historic FACTS: Everybody knows that the railway lines to Auschwitz could have been bombed and the Holocaust would have stopped after less than 24 hours, and also it is known that the USA and Britain and all other countries with strong Zionist-influence FORBADE Jews to immigrate! I always wondered: Why did those nations who declared war to Germany under the pretext of "saving the Jews" close their doors to exactly those people - jews - that they claimed to want to "save"? So many things do not add upo in the historical version. When you want to save someone, you certainly dont close doors for him......

What i want to do is: support your idea, because i think that you are phantastic, i thank you for having given me some information that is completely unavailable in Germany and most of Europe.

I think we would advance a great deal closer towards Peace, if Europe and especially Germany would find out about the true role of Zionism. In Germany, most people don't even know what Zionism means, and in Germany nobody ever dares to critisize Jews. You can actually go to prison in Germany for saying the wrong thing about Jews.

As i am both German and Jewish by origine, i want Justice, means: Germans should have the right to critisize Zionists, and they would never dare out of fear of being labelled "Nazi" or "anti-semite". I want people to have the right to speak their mind and critisize Zionism and critisize Israel. Because after i studied your page, i believe that you are right and that Zionism HAS TO BE critisized!

If i can support you, or if you have any Idea how i can spread your idea in Germany, please let me know. I want to declare again, that i truly admire your courage to stand up for your idea, and you do have my full solidarity.

(in case my text was too long - in short, my question is: HOW can i help you to spread your idea?
Believe me, nobody in Germany knows about Jews critisizing Israel, and if i had not found your page by coincidence, i would not know either.)

kind greetings

What is happening in GAZA right now is desaster and a Tragedy!!! I am glad you speak up against this injustice. I pray to god that this will stop as soon as possible.

NOTE: please do not publish my email-adress

Dear Ralph,

Thank you for your supportive letter. Perhaps the book Holocaust Victims Accuse (featured on our site here) could be translated into German and sold in Germany. The 100-page book describes in detail and with documents how Zionists blocked efforts to save Jews during the war. If you could help us find an English-German translator and a sponsor please contact me again.

Under the Bookstore section of our website, we have a section called "web pages in other languages," and under German we have several articles.