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Our mission is to inform the world that the State of Israel does NOT represent Jews or Judaism.

Won't your website make gentiles want to kill Jews?

Dear Rabbi,

If you are gearing your website
towards gentiles, as you say, does it not seem fairly likely that many
gentiles will conclude based upon your site that since so many Jews living
in Israel are a bunch of zionist heretics, and as heretics they deserve
God's punishment, therefore such gentiles will consider such Jews blood as
being cheap (i.e. why not do a "mitzvah" by actively doing away with the
heretics)? In other words, since pretty much anyone and everyone who lives
in Israel might be a supporter of "zionism" in some which way, then they
deserve to suffer or even be killed--and one should therefore support the
murderers and potential murderers to make God happy? Of course you have
intertwined comments throughout the site that don't advocate such an
attitude. Yet, there are many comments that are stated in the strongest of
terms that anyone who might be considered to have the slightest zionist
inclinations, however one defines that term, is considered a heretic. Now, your intention may be that you really
hope that such zionists will change their attitude and no longer be like a
heretic. But, that is not likely the conclusion that gentiles,
particularly those who are already hostile towards Jews and specifically
towards Jews living in Israel, will draw from your many words. You
know the iron rule of Esav hating Jacob. And you may think that by
promoting the idea of being strongly against zionism that Esav will break
that iron rule and love Jacob. But I don't think so. I think they will
rather revel in the idea that even Jews hate other kinds of Jews and
therefore there is nothing wrong with them hating and hurting or even
killing (or assisting in hurting or killing) them in some which way.

Dear Yosef,

I think that what the Jewish religion says about Zionists will not be a motivating factor to them. Non-Jews are motivated by logic that they can relate to, like moralistic condemnation of the Zionists. Such talk might make some people angry enough to want to kill Jews, and that would be mesirah on my part. That is why we deliberately avoid these subjects, based on the ruling of Rabbi Avraham Leitner zt"l. We stick to the religious doctrine only. This religious doctrine is something most gentiles can't relate to and therefore won't encourage them to violence. At the same time it accomplishes a great thing: before hearing our message, most gentiles think that all Jews, or at least religious Jews, are Zionists, and now they know otherwise, and they realize that they can love the Jewish people and oppose Zionism at the same time.

In addition, our site takes care to show the falsehood of the generalization that "anyone and everyone who lives in Israel might be a supporter of zionism in some which way". We write frequently about the anti-Zionist Jewish communities living in Eretz Yisroel and elsewhere. We save the image of the non-Zionist Jews who are uninvolved in this conflict, rather than tarnish the image of those who are part of it - their image is already as tarnished as it can get.