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Can you help me make an anti-Zionist documentary aimed at Christian Zionists?


Shalom Aleichem Rabbi

My name is E.S.
May peace and G-d's blessings be upon you.
I am an anti-zionist film maker who is interested in producing a documentary on the subject of how the Zionist agenda has hijacked the Jewish identity, and how according to the Scriptures the zionist State of Israel is an abomination to G-d. I was wondering if you could please assist me with links to resources and books on this subject. I need to make a convincing argument in the documentary that support for zionism is wrong. The Documentary is targeted for a Christian audience and I need to provide a convincing statement that regardless what the Jewish Zionists tell their Christian counterparts, the fact of the matter is that according to Tanakh and Talmud, the criteria for the return to the Holy Land and the establishment of a "Jewish" state has yet not been met, and that these Christians would do best NOT to listen to the Zionistic propaganda and agenda. Where should I look? What should I research? What should I be reading? Who should I talk to?

Thank You

Dear E.S.

This sounds like a great idea. By coincidence, just this week we are busy responding to the Christian Zionists and their pragmatic Jewish Zionist money-takers. I don't know if you are on our mailing list, but you can read some of what we wrote against them on our site under Issues, Zionist Activities in America, and then click on August 20, 2007: CNN to Air Series and Christian-Jewish Zionist Alliance.

Really the best thing would be, as you say, to convince them that Zionism is against the Bible and Talmud. But they have their religion and they aren't about to change it. You might as well try to convince them that Christianity itself is against the Bible.

What I suggest is to take film clips of tragic events that have happened to Jews in the Holy Land recently Jews getting carried away on stretchers after terrorist attacks, buildings blown up and so on, and to show the contrast have someone read verses from the Bible that foretell the greatness of the Jewish people in the Messianic period. You could also show footage of decadent Israeli life nightclubs, non-kosher restaurants, Israeli abortion clinics, and contrast it with someone reading verses from the Bible like "Thou shalt not kill," "Ye shall be holy&" Give some statistics too: a million abortions in the first 30 years of statehood, a higher rate than any other country.

You could also include some interviews with Orthodox rabbis who oppose Zionism. You might clip parts of Rabbi Domb's interview from our sight, maybe the short clip of Yirmiyahu Cohen, also on our sight, under massive demonstration. I have footage of some demonstrations for you to use as well.

Greetings Mr. Lowenthal

Thank you so much for your E-mail.
I sincerely appreciate your comments and suggestions as it is helping
me put together a better game plan for this project.

I'm in New Zealand at the moment and it's almost Shabbat, so I'll
make this short.

I'll take a much closer look at the website as soon as I can.
Thank you for giving me the suggestion of using the clips, I think it
will be a very big help.

Have a pleasant weekend

Shabbat Shalom