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How does one disprove the Holocaust deniers?

July 14, 2008

Good Morning. I believe I already receive a newsletter or at least updates from time to time. (But you may check. If not, then please send.)
My reason for contacting you is that I have gotten into an argument with Holocaust revisionists. My Grandmother is a Hungarian Jew who escaped death through inter-faith marriage, though that didn't necessarily save everyone else who "converted" or inter-married, and she always remained a Jew in her heart during the war. All of her family and friends were taken away, with the exception of her Stepmother who hid, her Halfsister who left Hungary in the early 30's, and an Uncle who also safely hid himself.
My Grandmother never once implied that the numbers of Jews, as well as socialists, the disabled, gypsies, artists, gays, what-have-you, was an imaginary number or an overstated number. Her family in the villages were all taken and she was told many accounts of entire areas deported - where did they go after Aushwitz? She never heard from anyone ever again. Only her Uncle came after the war to say he was going to Palestine. One person of the many.
My Grandmother was not politcally aligned and had no reason to make up stories.
Where do these revisionists get their information?
I realize that most witnesses are dead and very old. Well, all black American slaves have been long dead, and no one's revised their history. How is it that the Holocaust is open for re-interpretation? (I am not suggesting that black slavery didn't happen, tho I know several people here in SW Virginia that would argue that slaves were well-treated overall - these liars exist everywhere I suppose. So maybe there are black history revisionists as well.)
I have visited databases looking for family members and have seen the volumes of entries. Does that mean it's a hoax?
What can I present to an individual who is debating that the vast numbers of deaths did not happen?
These are their resources:

I'm sorry to take up so much of your time. Thank you in advance. My Grandmother and her family look after me from Heaven and I'm sure they would appreciate your coming to the defense of their souls.
I understand you won't debate the topic per your directions on this website. Perhaps you can direct me to someone who can help.

Thank you for your letter. I would love to be able to help you by reading through all the revisionist literature, figuring out what their mistakes or distortions were, proving them wrong etc. But there is a mountain of material on this subject and it would take a long time. I'm busy researching and writing against Zionism, and one just can't fight all wars at once!

I suggest you speak with Holocaust studies professors who specialize in this subject. Also, Germany has just opened the Nazi archive in Bad Arolsen to the public, and anyone can go there and read lists of the names of the victims killed in concentration camps, together with the exact dates on which they were killed. As far as those killed by the Einsatzgruppen on the eastern front, one can read a voluminous literature of "memorial books" that list the names of victims. Many of the Jewish towns published such books after the war. They are available in the Gottesman Library of Yeshiva University, fourth floor.

You might also want to look at the documents quoted in the Wikipedia articles "Holocaust denial" and "Nizkor" as well as and in particular: