Our mission is to inform the world that the State of Israel does NOT represent Jews or Judaism.

How can the Satmar Rebbe be so presumptuous as to say that the Holocaust happened because of Zionism?

How can anyone say that the medina was responisble for the holocaust and the current situation in Israel. How can one say that Hashem, Shekol Drachav Emet, would bring din on so many Jews, many of which have no part in the medina because of the aveirot of the medina. Even Moshe Rabenu was not permitted to understand the ways of Hashem in this world, so how could any humble Jew with Yirat Shamayim pretend to know the ways of Hashem. True, one can see many correlations between the medina and Jewish suffering. We do not merit nevuah today however, so how can one honestly say that one knows that Hashem is punishing Jews because of the specific aveirot of specific Jews?

Moshe was not permitted to know why an individual tzaddik suffers. Here too, we cannot know why a particular tzaddik was killed in the Holocaust and why a particular rasha or Zionist was saved. But we are commanded to look and the troubles that befall the Jewish people in general and find reasons for them. When the 24,000 talmidim of Rabbi Akiva died, Chazal found a sin that caused it. At the time of the Spanish Inquisition and Gezeiros Tach vetat the gedolei hador looked for sins.

Let me quote from Rabbi Avigdor Miller in his as-yet unpublished manuscript on the Holocaust.

“It would be proper, when considering the misfortunes of individuals or of some community, to declare that we are incapable of understanding Hashem’s ways. But when viewing a phenomenon of history as colossal and as shattering as the European Destruction, which has affected directly one half of Hashem’s chosen people and which uprooted and wiped out a vast number of old communities, then it is reckless to dismiss the matter with a shrug and to fall back on the indolent and unthinking pretence of pious trust in Hashem’s ways. On the contrary: belief in Hashem’s conduct of history demands of us to study His deeds and to attempt to fathom their causes and purposes. “He who chastises nations, is He not (thereby) correcting (or: rebuking)? Is He not teaching men knowledge?” (Tehillim 94:10) Especially when almost half of His people were destroyed, could a believer deceive himself into thinking that Hashem would act without obvious reason? But actually the facts are so clearly apparent, and the reason is so conspicuously obvious, that only those who are totally ignorant of the pre-war state of affairs, or those who have assumed a materialistic view of life in general, are capable of shrouding the Destruction in a cloak of mysticism and feigned piety.”

Rabbi Miller had a slightly different view from the Satmar Rebbe as to what sins caused the Destruction. However, I think your main problem was not with the sin itself, but with the seeming arrogance of anyone who claims to know what sin caused so many terrible losses.