Our mission is to inform the world that the State of Israel does NOT represent Jews or Judaism.

How do you know the Zionist state wasn't send by G-d to save the Jews?


A man was drowning and he began to pray to G-d and beg to be saved. A boat appeared from nowhere offering to take him onboard. The man said, "no! G-d will save me." Then the boat sank and he drowned. As he stood in front of the Almighty, he asked, "why didn't You save me?" G-d responded, "I sent you a boat, you chose not to be saved."

Sometimes G-d's will is not so evident. We are not navi'im or shofetim. It seems that if your organization would be in control of the boat that was coming to save the sinking man, it would not pick him up since, well, G-d will save him...

To say G-d sent us a boat is to ignore the entire history of the Zionists' dealing with the British government, arming themselves, fighting with the Arabs, expelling the Palestinians in 1948 and 1967. Can you just do anything you want and then claim that G-d did it? Obviously, we believe that G-d controls all events. But He allows humans to have free will, and sometimes there are wicked people who accomplish wicked acts. Does that mean that G-d approved of what they did? G-d is indeed our protector in exile, and He will save us from those who rise up against us. But don't take a violation of Jewish law committed by Jews and say that this is G-d's way of saving us. Even if G-d has some mysterious reason for wanting the wicked Zionists to succeed, that does not give us the license to help them succeed. We have only one business: to follow the Torah and its commandments.