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What long term solution do you see for Palestine?

Jan. 21, 2009

I've been distressed about the situation in Palestine for many years. In the news here in Australia we only hear anti Palestinian stories, which, as a thinking person I see as grossly unfair, considering that the Palestinians were forceably occupied -thanks mainly to the British and French diplomats of the early nineteenth century.

Due to the recent Gaza trauma, I've been looking at websites to learn more, and came across your wonderful site! I'm touched and heartened by your words. I've met many lovely Jewish people here and in California who had told me that they did not agree with the Palestinian occupation and that it was not a part of their religion, however I thought that they must have just represented a minority viewpoint.

Certainly the media here pushes hard for the continuation of the state of Israel, and gives no indication that there is any other option [Australia very much does what the American government tells it to do]. Friends in American politics tells me that America pushes this view purely because they need a secure missile base in the area, and that they're using the state of Israel as a justification, and in the process they are traumatising Jewish and Palestinian people.

Anyway, I really wanted to thank you for making me realise the difference between Judaism and Zionism. I also really wanted to say thankyou for the words and video of Rabbi Michael Dov Weissmandl ZT"L Dean of Nitra Yeshiva. He is so inspirational!

I'm a very very unfundamentalist Christian- I believe in the message of peace, love and tolerance -treat others as you would have them treat you- and that's it.[I'm also an ancient historian and am aware of how the bible was constructed 400 years after the fact, by a bunch of Roman bishops!].

Well, I look forward to hearing from you. Is there any way that you could be involved in brokering a fair all-round peace in Palestine? I believe that you have the standing and the knowledge to do so.
There are many online petitions from everyday people that are making our voice heard for fairness and peace. Do you think that you might start one? If so, I would be happy to sign and to let others know.

Thank you for your message of support. We also look forward to that all-round peace in Palestine but we know the Jewish people and the Muslim peoples have a long way to go. For many Jews today, its not even Zionism driving them anymore, as much as fear of the Muslims. Jews have become brainwashed by the incessant Zionist rhetoric of the Jewish newspapers, to believe that all Arabs and Muslims are murderers and the only way to protect Jews is to support the State of Israel. In this way, the Zionists build support for themselves, because every time they kill a lot of Palestinians, it causes a backlash of Jew-hatred in the Arab world, which in turn causes Jews to support the Zionists. It is a never-ending cycle.

The way to end this is to do what we are doing: show Jews that the Zionists are the ones who stirred up this whole fight to begin with, and that their actions have only brought trouble upon Jews; and to show Jews that Jews and Arabs have always and can still live side by side in peace.

Then we can hope that Jews will take the first step in making Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza full-fledged citizens of their state and allowing the 1948 refugees to return. Hopefully with all those new citizens, Jews will be in the minority and it will no longer be a Jewish state - and therefore no longer violate Jewish law.

I believe also that we must work to provide Israeli Jews other options as to where to live, so that those who are afraid to live under a Palestinian state will not feel pressured to support Zionism as their only alternative.

Thanks so much for your insightful email! I can see how the cycle continues. As depressing as the situation is, I still find solace in the fact that there are people like you and your organisation who truly understand the issues, and who are working towards a fair and workable outcome for both sides.

As for alternative places for Jewish people to live- Australia is a pretty nice option! When I lived in America I was aware of a certain negative attitude towards some Jewish people by other Americans, but here in Australia I believe that most people are pretty 'laid-back' and are open to all newcomers [However I suppose that you'd have to check with people from the Jewish community here to see their viewpoint]. I'm sure that the Australian government would also be supportive of Jewish people who wanted to come here. Perhaps we need to start talking to our politicians, and suggesting that they take a lead in offering positive immigration solutions. Of course the Zionists would surely be opposed to any such option.

I know that the Zionists have been attempting to bring in even more impoverished Russian Jewish 'settlers' into Palestine, by offering them free land and good jobs, knowing full well that they will fight to the death to keep what they've been given [After all, this type of colonising policy, which was perfected by the Roman emperor Vespasian, the father of Titus, has been very effectively used to 'settle' the local indigenous inhabitants of various countries throughout the millenia, including the USA, Brazil and Australia]. Therefore your point regarding the need for some Jewish people in Palestine to have the opportunity to be able to relocate to other more peaceful countries, where their talents and enthusiasm will be welcomed, is a very important one.

Well, I know that you're busy and I don't expect another reply, however, in the future could you please let me know if there is anything productive that I can do to help your organisation make the world a kinder, fairer place?
Meanwhile, I'll send the link to your website to various friends of mine who I know will find it as inspiring as I have. I will also look forward to receiving the e-newsletters.