Our mission is to inform the world that the State of Israel does NOT represent Jews or Judaism.

Essay against Zionism by a young man in Ashdod

Dear Rabbi,

My name is Aharon Ben-Yitzchak, unfortunately I live in secular city in the holy land (ashdod), my family is secularist-masortiim, and all my anti-zionist opinions I save for my self in secret and in my mind and heart, and I cannot tell them my opinions, therefore Behatzlacha Rabba Lachem, I just can to pray in my mind and heart that we all will be make teshuva, and may Hashem bless us in peace and harmony,and send us the moshiach soon amen.

Here is an essay that I wrote to explain how my opposition to Zionism is based in the verses of the Torah:

With the help of G-d
Monday 29 Adar 5767

My opposition to the existence of the State of Israel, and comparison of this state to idolatry

1. By the power of my own hand
Lest you say in your heart, my strength and the power of my hand made me this wealth. But you shall remember Hashem your G-d for it is He Who gives you strength to make wealth, in order to fulfill His covenant that He swore to your fathers, as this day. (Devarim 8:17-18)

The State of Israel has been fighting for its existence since its foundation, believing in, relying on and trusting in its strength and power to protect itself from its enemies who border on it. The army, the cluster bombs, and all the range of weapons and evil destructive instruments that are at the states disposal are the basis for its existence. Without them the state would not last. The state believes in its power and explains its success in connection with the army, the IDF, and does not remember that Hashem our G-d is the One Who gives strength to succeed in all areas of life. IDF is the basis for the existence of the state. It is a danger to the Jewish people that there exists a Zionist heretical state, that believes in its own power and strength. This is a state that does not trust in Hashem. Hashem saves us, just as He saved our forefathers and redeemed them from the house of bondage with a strong hand and an outstretched arm, and He brought us into the land that He promised to our forefathers so may it be His will that He save us from our enemies and those who wish to destroy us, and redeem us with a complete redemption as in days of all, and give His people healing, amein.

2. Exchanging the Torah for Secular Laws Like All the Nations

And Moshe and the Kohanim and Levites spoke to all of Israel saying, listen carefully, Israel, today you have become a people to Hashem your G-d. And you shall listen to the voice of Hashem your G-d, and do all His mitzvos and laws that I command you today. (Devarim 28:9-10). Therefore the existence of the Zionist state is illegal, for it is ruled by heretics and, to my great pain, a portion of the religious cooperate with them, when in truth it would be correct to excommunicate these heretics.
The state does not see the holy Torah as the basis for its existence and its laws, and it even dares to compile a different system of law as a substitute, G-d forbid, for the holy Torah, just as the nations have laws.
Additionally, it takes the fate of the Jewish people into its hands, rejecting the Torah as the sole law of the Jewish people, and imposes its secular law on all of Israel, with no justification or authority to do so. This state formed the lawmaking body the Knesset, which is a gathering of heretics, a cave of sinners, those lawmakers who have no authority to make laws. Their laws form a substitute and a contradiction to the Jewish halacha. The acts of this state are not legal at all, for the Knesset and the Supreme court claim to be a substitute for halacha and Jewish monetary law.
The Zionist state constitutes a chillul Hashem. The Jewish people does not need an independent state, it does not need a government, a Knesset or a Supreme court, which are a complete contradiction to the holy Torah. There is no other service than the service of Hashem Yisborach. Hashem is our G-d and we are His people, Hashem is our King, our Lawmaker, Who gave us the holy Torah. He is our Judge, who judges His people with justice and mercy, and Who gave us great Torah sages, gaonim, who can rule for us according to the monetary laws of the Torah (the Sanhedrin). The people of Israel is not like all the nations, who make themselves government bodies and laws on their own. We are forbidden to follow in their path and their customs as it states in Vayikra.

3. They Bring the Jewish People Into Danger

The existence of the Zionist state is a danger to Jewish lives, pikuach nefesh, and we must save the Jews from the terrible danger that the founders of the state have created. The existence of the state brought and continues to bring bloodshed to the Middle East and all over the Holy Land. The state lives on security, blood, bloodshed, defense, and this is a terrible danger to the Jewish people.
See Yechezkel 13:1-11 for an undeniable proof that Zionism is a mistake, and that those Zionists who founded the heretical state and continue to run it are false prophets, misleading the Jewish people. Therefore it is better to accept the yoke of the subjugation of the nations than the yoke of the Zionist state, which damages the people spiritually, and the people in it have been subjected to an unending war with the Arabs for 59 years, through the fault and evil of the Zionists. They promise peace but there is no peace, thus they are false prophets.

4. Forcing the End

Those Jewish heretics have been forcing the end and the redemption for 59 years, and they continue to lead the people astray after falsehood. They take the continuity of the Jewish people into their hands, before moshiach has been sent by Hashem, that king moshiach who is promised to lead the Jewish people on the path of Hashem and His Torah.
I know that according to the tractate Kesubos 111a the Jews are obligated to accept on themselves the yoke of exile until the time Hashem willed arrives, and Hashem will send Moshiach to lead the people according to the laws of Hashem.

5. Heretical Education

The education that the state gives Jewish children destroys their Jewish soul, and teaches them Western values among which are values that contradict Judaism. To my sorrow I am witness to this, and this is recognizable in the streets.

6. Judaism is not a Nationality, But the Fulfillment of Torah and Mitzvos

Judaism is not a nationality, Judaism is the fulfillment of Torah and Mitzvos, it is the eternal contract between the people Israel and the Creator of the world, Judaism is the connection between Israel and the Holy One blessed is He, as it says, This day you have become a people to Hashem your G-d. We are a people, of Whom? Of the Holy One blessed is He, therefore we see that we are not a people like all peoples, we are a separate people, special, positively exceptional. Therefore it is forbidden for Jews to establish a state mimicking the states of the gentiles, and it is forbidden even to participate in the United Nations, for the same reason. All the most so is it clear that we may not establish a state, even religious, before the redemption, only after the coming of moshiach and the building of the Temple and Jerusalem, and the gathering of the dispersed of Israel. Only then will it be possible to have a government for the sake of Heaven, the kingdom of the house of David, a kingdom favored by Hashem, a kingdom connected to the Master of the World and His Torah, with the true support of the gentiles when their representatives ascend every year on Succos for seven days in the house of prayer for all the nations in Jerusalem, in the Temple, as it states in the Haftorah read on Succos. We can no longer jump on two sides of the fence. It is either Zionism or Judaism; Zionism and Judaism cannot go together.

Unfortunately I am a citizen of the Zionist state, I was born in the Holy Land, my parents immigrated from the former Soviet Union, from Georgia. But I am a Jew, not a Zionist, despite my citizenship in this state. And I pray for the end of the Zionist state soon. Hashem is our G-d and the G-d of our forefathers. I and all of Israel are obligated to go according to His holy Torah and not stray from it, and I do not see the Zionist government and their lawmakers as representing me and all of Israel. The Zionist police is an evil police, and I pray for the end of the Zionist police for the good of all Israel, with Hashems help.

7. Settling Eretz Yisroel

The mitzvah of settling the Holy Land is an important ingredient in the 613 mitzvos, but the Zionists turned it into a vehicle for idolatry, and this is forbidden. If not for our living in the Holy Land, how could we fulfill the 613 mitzvos? Many mitzvos depend on the land, like Shmittah, terumah, maasros, yovel and the like. Of course we will one day live in the land, for if not how could we be complete and fulfill all the mitzvos that depend on it. This is only a sign the exile is long and difficult, but limited. The exile will eventually come to an end, and we will all be able to serve Hashem our G-d in the Holy Land with holiness, purity, joy and peace, and there is nothing to fear.

8. Prayers

May it be Your will that an end come to the evil and heretical government in the Holy Land, speedily in our days, and let us merit the coming of moshiach and the building of the Jerusalem and the Temple soon, amein.

We must pray for the peaceful end of this government, and on that day we will say the blessing, Blessed is He Who uprooted this idolatry from our inheritance."

Aharon Ben Yitzchak
Ashdod, Holy Land

Dear Aharon,

Thank you for your heartfelt words, expressing the true Jewish faith, and the agony of a true Jewish heart at the Zionist enterprise and its consequences. We will publish your essay on our website so that our readers can be inspired by a person who has learned the Torah and come to see the truth on his own, despite the opposition of his surroundings.

I would make one comment: we must keep in mind what the religious Zionist say to all these arguments, as our Sages say, Know what to reply to the heretic. The religious Zionists such as the Mizrachi and some Agudists and their various organizations are also opposed to a state with made-up laws similar to the laws of gentile states. They want a state of Torah, all of whose laws are the laws of the Torah. They are also opposed to the spirit of arrogance that my power and my hands strength did this and instead they credit all the states success in the past to the salvation of Hashem, and all the danger that exists now they attribute to various sins. And obviously, they too are opposed to the heretical school system.

Therefore I think that in our debate with them we must stress the fact that the Zionists are forcing the end, violating the oaths and bringing the Jewish people into danger, and you have done well in bringing up these subjects in your essay. We must also stress the idea you expressed that Judaism is not a nationality, and that the Zionists have created a complete revolution in Judaism, making Israel into a nationality like all the gentiles, characterized only by a common language, land and patriotism. All these arguments stand even if the state were a state of Torah. (And I fear that in the course of time, if Jews do not repent of the sin of Zionism, it will indeed become a state of Torah, for the secular Jews will grow weary of fighting for a state promised to them by a Torah in which they do not believe. They will go and mix into the gentile world, and only the religious Zionists will be left, and they will make the state the way they want it, and then the trial posed by the state will be many times greater. Therefore we have an obligation to teach knowledge to those who lack it, so that they know that Zionism, even if Torah observant, cannot go together with Torah at all; the two cannot coexist.)

May you continue to do and be successful in this area, and may the name of G-d be sanctified through you.