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Why are the Zionists concerned now about the Al Aqsa dig but not about digging graves?

Sep. 6 2007

Dear Rabbi,

I read your web site's current article about the recent Israeli outrage over the Al Aqsa digging, http://www.truetorahjews.org/alaqsadig.

It's interesting that the Zionists are concerned about possible damage to the relics near Al Aqsa, but they’re not concerned about desecrating graves by building a highway through them, or with digging up bones and considering them archeological artifacts.

J. Blau

Dear Mr. Blau,

Thanks for your comment. The word "Zionists" can refer to many different groups with different agendas. The Zionist established government does not care about desecrating graves but it does not care about the possible remains of the Temple either. Or, more likely, it refrains from interfering with the Waqf for political reasons. They are officially in the midst of a peace process and they don't want to aggravate moderate Palestinian groups. The religious Zionists, who are stronger with their Zionism and more militantly anti-Palestinian, will protest against the digging on the Temple ruins because they aren't concerned about aggravating Muslims. But they don't protest against desecration of graves. Here your point is well taken.

At the other end of the spectrum, you have groups like ours who do protest against grave desecration, but do not protest against digging on the Temple ruins. It's not that we hold one should never protest against a non-Jewish entity. If Russia, Germany or America were desecrating graves we would say something about it because that's our democratic right, and it's not considered "rebellion against the nations." But in the case of the Temple Mount, we recognize that the area is very sensitive because the Muslims fear the plans of these religious Zionists to take it over. To distance ourselves from any such thoughts, we refrain from protesting and on the contrary, state our position that the area belongs to the Waqf and they can do as they see fit.
Hersh Lowenthal