Our mission is to inform the world that the State of Israel does NOT represent Jews or Judaism.

Why don't you show love for your Jewish brethren?


Dear Rabbi,

I was looking on the Internet for information on zionism. Then I found this site, and I was shocked to see what was written in it. As a Jewish teenager, my concern for the division of the Jewish people grows ever stronger.

I never considered someone a Jew because of thier religious zeal or their intensity of observance, but rather on their character and their love of their brethren. Also on their appreciation of their herritage.

Do you show love? I must have missed it if you do. You would rather turn people against your own brethren and ancestors by claiming they helped perpetrate six million murders? By lying? I don't believe in G-d, but the virtuous G-d you believe in would be disappointed in the manner of which you express your ideas. The Messiah will certainly not bring back people like you from the dead....

I understand that my knowledge of other sects of Judaism is very limited, and I would take the opportunity to learn about your ideas without hesitation. As a naive teenager I still cling to the idea of unity. Jews can't risk to be seperated from each other again, was that not what caused the fall of the first Jewish State to the Romans? Would you willingly sacrifice every good person in Israel in order to claim your ideas are superior? Anti-Semitism IS on the rise again, subtley, but surely. I don't want to see more deaths and persecution. What's your stand on Israel?

We love all Jews, and it is this love that prompts us to try to save them from the danger Zionism has brought upon them. We see the State of Israel's existence as bringing the Jewish people into a constant state of warfare and this we see as Jewish self-destructive behavior. Unfortunately, every year it becomes more and more clear how correct and far-sighted our rabbis in the previous generation were when they raised their voices in warning of the terrible threat to the Jewish people posed by the Zionists, who transgress the Three Oaths: that the Jewish people must not ascend to the Holy Land en masse, that they must not rebel against the nations, and that they must not force the end of exile. The awesome punishment for transgressing these oaths was written by our Sages in the end of the tractate Kesubos.

The Zionist state is a complete denial of the principles of Jewish faith and an affront to the kingship of G-d, because it constitutes rejection of G-d's decree of exile and the substitution of a human redemption in place of G-d's redemption. It is this state that is preventing Moshiach from coming, as our Sages say (Sanhedrin 98a), "The son of David will not come until the lowly kingdom is gone from Israel."

Ever since the Zionist state was founded, the Jews' situation in the world has only become worse and worse. The Zionist-Arab conflict has come to involve all the nations of the world. Jewish blood has been spilled like water in countless battles, great and small. Furthermore, because many Jews in countries around the world support the Zionists in their wars, anti-Semitism has risen dramatically. Jew-haters in many countries have begun to threaten local Jews, who now live in constant fear of attacks.

I don't know why you say we are "sacrificing every good Jew in order to show that our ideas are superior." We are upset that many Jews have taken a wrong turn in recent years and we hope to educate them and put them back on track.

You consider it divisive to publicize information about the Zionists' role in preventing rescue efforts during the Holocaust. It's true that this information is really outdated as all the people involved at that time are no longer alive or in leadership positions. The Zionists of today admit that the behavior of Zionists at that time was a mistake. But our reason for bringing it up is that naïve Zionists today often argue that the Holocaust could have been prevented if there had been a Jewish state before the war, or that the state today prevents another Holocaust. The people who make these kind of arguments are the divisive ones, trying to vilify Orthodox Jews who oppose Zionism on religious grounds. We are compelled to respond to them and show them that actually, Zionists prevented Jewish rescue efforts, they prevented Jews from getting into other countries because it undermined their efforts to settle Palestine, they precipitated conflict in Palestine such that the British, in order to keep the Arabs on their side during the war, needed to close the gates of Palestine to Jewish immigration. Had there not been any Zionist movement, the British would certainly have let many more Jews into their colony Palestine as well as their other colonies.

We appreciate your willingness to hear and learn about a different point of view, and we encourage you to continue your learning process.