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Why do you teach the Three Oaths to the non-Jewish world?

Jan 28, 2013

Hi. my dear friends i am an Orthodox Jew and I admire your work a lot, especially your classical & sensible way of bringing out the voice of Torah Jews! But i see that you took the topic of the Three Oaths as one of the main topics in your platform and you are basing a lot of your public relations with the non Jewish world on the topic of the 3 oaths. In my opinion this is a mistake, because from a non jew's point of view, he did not see anything wrong in re-establishing the Jewish nation in their homeland. If anything they would rather see it as a great honor to G-d that the U.N recognized them as a independent country. You expect that the non-Jews should understand such fine points of Jewish theology? Jews know that Hashem has a whole plan by sending us in exile, but non-Jews will not understand the whole concept.

Of course it's true that as Jews we have to cry over the Zionist false redemption against the Three Oaths. This was what the Satmar Ruv z"l cried about day & night. But in speaking to the non Jewish world you have to bring out a very different problem: that the Zionists declared themselves a nation without Jewish religion. This is a massive desecration of G-d's name, that the Jewish people dropped the the Torah, G-d forbid. That's why we have to clearly bring out the point that Hashem's nation is still alive & we do not identify with the Israeli government. As i look at history, I see that this was the Satmar Ruv's massage for the non jewish world also you can look up the article Rabbi Avigdor Miller wrote for Satmar Ruv zl' to place in the newspaper, he does not mention there anything about the 3 Oaths! Remember i am a friend. I will love to hear from you!

Dear Friend,

There are several answers to your question.

1) Our website is made for Jews just as much as non-Jews. Therefore we have to explain from a Jewish viewpoint, based on Jewish texts, why the state is wrong.

2) Even for a non-Jew, if you tell him the state is wrong only because it’s not religious, he will ask the obvious question: so be a part of it and make it religious! And the religious parties are doing just that. They have 18 seats in the Knesset and their population is growing. It’s a democratic country and its policies are nothing but the sum total of the policies of its voters. It’s not like the Soviet Union, forcing an anti-religious agenda on its people. It just happened to have been non-religious or sometimes anti-religious up till now because those were the views of most of its people.

3) A non-Jew might also ask: why should the religious be allowed to force their religion on the non-religious? I remember in 2009 during the fight over the Karta parking lot being open on Shabbos, there were some non-Jews who asked that question. One of them said, “I hope those crazy fanatics don’t come here to America and tell me how to live.”

4) You’re right that some non-Jews will not understand the 3 Oaths, but many do understand it. Look at our q and a letters and you’ll see. There is nothing wrong with using several different arguments against Zionism, if some of them will only work for some people.

You bring up the Satmar Rav’s public statements. In his time there was no movement in the world to delegitimize the state of Israel. The whole issue of the Palestinians became well known later, in the 70s. In an American environment where everyone approved of the state’s existence, the Rebbe did not see the need to teach the non-Jews that we don’t approve of its existence. All his public demonstrations and ads were aimed at achieving specific limited goals: to stop the decree of drafting girls, the mixed swimming pool and so on. Today, however, the state has become a great chillul Hashem as more and more non-Jews realize that it was founded in a very unfair way and does not really have a right to exist, at least in its current form. Today it is important to tell the non-Jews that the Torah also holds that way, so that they shouldn’t view the Torah badly. That is the true Kiddush Hashem.

Thanks, for giving your time to answer personal question's. i received your answer i will deeply think in to it & analyse it. I wish you the true success. Hashem should help your organization they should say the right words on the right time. .i am sure Hashem will give you syata dishmaya... I am really impressed from your work doing for kvoid shumieyim. I will end with the pusik: HASHEM WILL ERASE TEARS FROM ALL FACES.