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In the categories below are actual questions asked by visitors to this site, with the answers we gave them. If you have a question and don't see it addressed here, you are welcome to write to us at info@truetorahjews.org.

Rabbi Kanievsky and the Ban on Arab Labor

Jul 09 2012

Did you happen to read the full text of what Rav Kanievsky recently
stated concerning employing Arabs, and even any gentiles in Israel?

Which Sephardic rabbis support you?

Jul 09 2012

How come u have no endorsements from sephardic rabbis? I guess b/c they are TZIONI, so I guess they are not true Torah Jews?
stop bashing jews and start focusing on ahavat yisrael
thank you

What do you think of the Eim Habonim Smeicha?

Jul 09 2012

I am not interseted in debate I only have one question. What do you think of the sefer, "Eim Habonim Smecha?"

Do you claim that Zionists promote anti-Semitism?

Jul 09 2012

Do you claim that Zionist leaders promote anti-Semitism throughout the world to “encourage” Jews to leave their homelands and seek "refuge"?

Why not rely on the state of Israel in case of crisis?

Jul 09 2012

Oil and gas prices continue to rise (which in turn cause just about everything else to rise in price), and these are things that one should keep their eyes open to, and more importantly understand what the potential consequences might be for Jews.

Can anti-Zionist Jews live in the state of Israel?

Jul 09 2012

I would like to ask a question with respect. How can a Jew who opposes Zionism live in Israel, protected by the Zionist state against enemy attack and allowed the priveleges of a free citizen? I would like an honest answer.

How can you say Zionism caused the Holocaust?

Jul 06 2012

Are You hashem? How can you possibly attempt to give a reason why the holocaust happended?? We have NO idea why things happen to different people at different times.

Interview with a German magazine

Jul 06 2012

Dear Rabbi,

since I am busy writing a comprehensive article on Zionism to be published in a German magazine, if I may, I would like to ask you two questions:

Interview on Romanian TV regarding the Gaza war

Jul 06 2012

I am a permanent news correspondent for Antena 3 and Antena 1, two independent news channels from Romania. Could you please get me in contact with someone from your organization in London for a short interview on the topic of the Gaza war?

How can I help to bring about peace in the world?

Aug 03 2007

sholom/salam :)

dear respected rabi, i'm confused and to be honest i need to talk to someone.