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Do whatever the host says except leave (Pesachim 86b) teaches that we should long to be in Hashem's presence, not in golus.

Dec 04 2012

Thought this might be of interest to you:

The Talmud (Pesachim 86b) cites an interesting rule of etiquette governing guest-host relations: "Whatever the host instructs, you must do, exectp when he says: 'Get out of my house.'"

Didn't gedolim like Rabbi Moshe Feinstein and Rabbi Yaakov Kamenetsky give honor to Menachem Begin?

Dec 04 2012

Dear Hersh,

The article appeared in the Chanuka issue of the Where/What/When, a
religious Baltimore monthly publication. The article is several pages, so
I'll just quote you some parts as follows (written by D. Katz):

Why do you claim that the Rambam makes teshuva a prerequisite for geulah?

Dec 04 2012

You often write that the Rambam says moshiach will compel all Jews to do teshuva before the geulah can begin, and that therefore even if Zionism were to claim that a particular person is moshiach, they would not be permitted to establish their state and

How do you understand Ezekiel (36:32) who says that exile is a chillul hashem?

Dec 04 2012

How would you define the concept in Ezekiel 36 of "Not for your sake,
Israel, do I bring you back to the land of Israel, but (only) because of
the desecration of My holy name that I took pity on (do I bring you back to

Do true Jewish people hate Arabs?

Dec 03 2012

Dear Rabbi:

I have a few questions, and want to get the right information. You hear a lot of experts today that know little or nothing about what they profess.

Are the settlers of Gush Katif Zionists or anti-Zionists?

Dec 03 2012

Are the Jewish people that lived in Gush Katif also Zionists? They were protesting the expulsion from this land by the Prime Minister. They speak of Torah not Zionism.

What do you say about the Breslov organization "Shuvu Bonim" led by Rabbi Berland?

Dec 03 2012

I was wondering what the position of those opposing Zionism to Breslov Hasidism, particularly the "Shuvu Bonim" of Rabbi Berland. He seems to be anti-Zionist, but not very friendly to Arabs either. I would appreciate your comments.

What are the Kabbalistic sources against Zionism?

Dec 03 2012

Dear Brothers!
What are your views or teaching on Kabbalah?When & are the Jewish people allowed or Encouraged to study it?
Thank you.

Have you written anything against John Hagee and his organization?

Dec 03 2012

I am very concerned with CUFI, John Hagee's oranization. I believe it will bring persecution upon the Jew and any Christian opposing it. Have you directly addressed this organization?

Should a Noahide keep away from Zionism?

Dec 02 2012

I am a noahide and for the first time I reallize that the torah forbides a zionst state. I want to be true and faithful to Hashem in my life. As a noahide am I commanded not to have anything to do with the zionist state?

How can I help spread your ideas in Germany?

Nov 29 2012

Hello. I am very glad i have found your site.

I am German, but i found out i have Jewish Origine, by my father's side. I found it all out in the internet , my father and my family never spoke a single word about it.

What are the positions of the Chassidic groups Ger, Belz and Alexander on Zionism?

Nov 28 2012

From what I have seen of your site, I think it is very good.

I was wondering if you could help me with one thing:

Who was Rabbi Yosef Tzvi Dushinsky?

Nov 28 2012

I would like to know who the author was of the Statement to the UN Commitee on Palestine in 1947, which appears on this page: http://www.truetorahjews.org/dushinskyjuly

Thank you

Maybe the Zionists During WWII had good intentions?

Nov 28 2012

I am a secular Jew of pure blood for as long as I can trace back. Over the years I have developed more and more respect for my ancestors, and the pain they had to endure to survive, and ultimately, give me life.