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New Free Zionist Newspaper in Brooklyn

Sep. 2, 2007

A new English newspaper called "Hadar" has begun to be published weekly in Brooklyn, covering Israeli and world news from a strong Zionist perspective. Based on its advertisements, the newspaper appears to target the Orthodox Jewish community. More strikingly, it is placed at doorsteps throughout the Flatbush neighborhood every week, free of charge.

The newspaper contains ads for "kosher" internet services, kosher meat markets, furniture stores that sell large bookshelves, Hebrew gravestones, Jewish printers and kindergarden programs. It also contains a list of kosher restaurants, as well as a list of wedding caterers. Of its 9 pages of print, 4 pages are devoted to Israeli news, 3 to world news, 1 to editorial and opinion columns, and 1 to Torah commentary. The editorial this week blasted CNN for its documentary on the Zionist settlers, and for its portrayal of Borough Park Assemblyman Dov Hikind as promoting the settlements in contrast to American presidents, who have consistently spoken against them. Last week, the editorial portrayed presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani as not sufficiently Zionist, because although he stated recently that he was against a Palestinian state at the present time, in theory he might consider the idea in the future. Also on the opinion page is Daniel Pipes' syndicated column.

All of the news articles are taken from the Jewish Telegraphic Agency or Haaretz.

Our comment:

Free newspapers are expensive to produce and often struggle during their first year to cover their expenses. Here in the Brooklyn community, we have seen many weekly advertising guides start up and then go out of business. In our case, however, since the bulk of "Hadar" is news and not advertising, it is hard to believe that this is a business venture. The newspaper is surely funded by wealthy Zionist donors, and as such, refraining from advertising in it will probably not stop it.

However, advertising in such a paper is still tacit approval. We urge Jewish businesses to put principles before profit!