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European Jews to Demonstrate at EU Headquarters in Brussels

Jun 27 2013

As tensions between the State of Israel and the Orthodox Jewish community over new draft policy reach a climax, European Jewry is reacting: a massive demonstration in Brussels at the Headquarters of the European Commission at 9A Place Schuman, 3:00 PM,

Alliance of American Jews to Demonstrate Against Israeli Draft

Jun 05 2013

Over a hundred thousand religious Jews from a broad alliance of communities will join this Sunday, June 9, 2013 at 4:00 PM in front of 26 Federal Plaza in NYC to protest against the recent decision by the Israeli government to force Orthodox Jews to ser

Orthodox Jews Hold Massive Demonstration in Front of Israeli Army Recruiting Office

May 21 2013

Last Thursday night, May 16, 2013, after the close of the Shavuos holiday, more than 40,000 Jews gathered in protest in front of the Israeli army's recruiting office in Jerusalem.

Israeli Army Publishes “Religious” Version of Magazine

Apr 12 2013

In its ongoing effort to draft religious Jewish young men, the Israeli army has produced a new religious version of its popular military magazine, Bamahaneh.

Leading Rabbis Urge Orthodox Jews Not to Vote in Israeli Election

Jan 21 2013

In preparation for the upcoming election this Tuesday in the State of Israel, the religious parties UTJ and Shas have intensified their campaigns for Orthodox votes, claiming that their presence in the Knesset is vital to protect the Orthodox, particula

Hagel Responds to Zionist Critics

Jan 09 2013

The Emergency Committee for Israel is currently leading a campaign to discredit Chuck Hagel, the former Nebraska senator who has been nominated by President Obama as Secretary of Defense.

EU Condemns State of Israel Over Settlements

Dec 11 2012

The European Union warned Israel of unspecified consequences Monday if it goes through with plans to build thousands of new settler homes in Jerusalem and the West Bank.

Are the settlers of Gush Katif Zionists or anti-Zionists?

Dec 03 2012

Are the Jewish people that lived in Gush Katif also Zionists? They were protesting the expulsion from this land by the Prime Minister. They speak of Torah not Zionism.

Congratulations President Obama!

Nov 08 2012

True Torah Jews congratulates President Barack Obama on winning reelection. May he continue to lead the United States on the path to economic prosperity and world peace.

Second Netanyahu Ad Hits Florida Airwaves; TTJ Responds With Ad of Their Own

Oct 15 2012

The following story originally appeared in Politico:

Several weeks ago, ads featuring Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu talking about Iran ran in targeted markets in Florida, courtesy of the c4 Secure America Now.

What is your view on the Agudah's protest against the Iranian president?

Aug 29 2012

Dear Rabbi,

Shalom Aleichem. I am a chossid. What is your position on the demonstration yesterday by Orthodox groups, including Agudath Israel, against the Iranian president on his visit to New York?

Thanks, Nuchem

How should we react to Rabbi Kanievsky's ban on Arab labor?

Aug 16 2012

Dear TTJ:

Please keep up the good work with the Torah True Jews web site, showing that Zionism is wrong, according to the Torah.

What would be the proper Torah True Jews response to the following?

Thousands Pay Tribute to Satmar Rebbe on Yahrtzeit

Aug 13 2012

On Monday and Tuesday, August 13 and 14, close to one hundred thousand Orthodox Jews from all circles and walks of life streamed to a small cemetery in Monroe, New York, to visit the gravesite of Rabbi Joel Teitelbaum of Satmar on the anniversary of his

Jerusalem Children Demonstrate Against Zionist Draft

Jul 17 2012

Thousands of Orthodox Jewish boys gathered in Sabbath Square in Jerusalem this Monday afternoon, July 16, to protest proposals to draft members of their community into the Israeli army.

Rabbi Kanievsky and the Ban on Arab Labor

Jul 09 2012

Did you happen to read the full text of what Rav Kanievsky recently
stated concerning employing Arabs, and even any gentiles in Israel?

Massacre in France: Why Were Jews Targeted?

Mar 23 2012

The story of the horrific massacre of seven people in Toulouse, France came to a close today as police shot the murderer, Mohamed Merah, following a long siege around his house.

50% in Europe Think Jews More Loyal to Israel

Dec 11 2011

Half of the British public believes that Jews are more loyal to Israel than to their home country, an Anti-Defamation League poll released on Tuesday, November 27 showed.

UK Rabbis Oppose Big Tent For Israel

Nov 28 2011

In Manchester, UK on November 27, 2011, a conference was held called Big Tent for Israel, with the attendance of over 700 people. It was organized by Rabbi Jonathan Guttentag, spiritual leader of the Orthodox Whitefield Synagogue in North Manchester.

Nahal Haredi Hangs Posters In Religious Neighborhoods

Nov 16 2011

In an effort to counter increased draft dodging, the heads of the Nahal Haredi battalion have begun an aggressive campaign to recruit yeshiva students who are not up to the task of a full Talmud study schedule.

Zionist Leader to Speak to UN General Assembly; Jews Fear They Will Be Used Once Again

Sep 19 2011

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has just announced that he will address the UN General Assembly on Wednesday, September 21, in an effort to dissuade UN member states from voting this Friday to recognize Palestinian independence.

Was the NY9 Republican Victory Really About Obama's Mideast Policy? Let's Check the Facts

Sep 14 2011

The dominant media narrative explaining the NY9 special election upset is: Jewish displeasure with President Obama’s Mideast policies.


True Torah Jews to Run Radio Ads in Advance of Election in NY's Ninth District

Sep 11 2011

The following is the text of a radio ad by True Torah Jews, which will run on WABC New York on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, September 11, 12 and 13:

Jews in the Ninth District Will Vote on What's Best for America and New York State

Sep 07 2011

As the election for New York's Ninth Congressional District nears, True Torah Jews are disturbed by the frequent references by candidates to their support for the State of Israel.

Zionist Government Expels Extremist Zionist Settlers

Aug 19 2011

The expulsion of two Jewish families from their homes, built on the site of the former Hebron marketplace, was completed late Tuesday morning, August 7.

TTJ Publishes New English Book

Aug 17 2011

On Friday, August 10, 2007, Jews commemorated the 28th anniversary of the passing of Grand Rabbi Yoel Teitelbaum (1887-1979), former rabbi of Satmar, Hungary and revered leader of tens of thousands of Jews in New York and worldwide.

Anti-Zionist Library Now Available Online

Aug 16 2011

True Torah Jews Against Zionism's webpage in Lashon Hakodesh (http://www.truetorahjews.org/natruna) is now 8 months old and many important additions have been made.

Lashon Hakodesh Website Expanded to Include Election Page

Aug 16 2011

In response to the upcoming election in the Zionist state, True Torah Jews Against Zionism has expanded its Lashon Hakodesh page, http://www.truetorahjews.org/tags/natruna, to include a special lib

True Torah Jews Launches Radio Campaign

Jul 22 2011

In reaction to Zionist leader Netanyahu's heretical words and abuse of the Torah for his agenda, True Torah Jews has launched a radio ad campaign. The first phase, on Wednesday May 25, aired on the New York station 770 WABC. The text of the ad is as follows:

Anti-Semitism in France Exaggerated, Chief Rabbi Says

Jul 05 2011

Not long ago, it was reported in the media that a Jewish boy, son of a prominent French rabbi, was assaulted in a Paris train station by an anti-Semitic youth. The story was touted as proof that French Jews live in constant danger, particularly from their Muslim neighbors.

True Torah Jews React to Netanyahu Speeches

May 24 2011

Once again, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has angered American Orthodox Jews by drawing on Biblical themes to support his Zionist ideology, and by blurring the boundaries between the Jewish people and the Zionist state.

Supreme Court Decides to Hear Case on Jerusalem Passport

May 04 2011

The U.S. Supreme Court announced Monday that it will hear the appeal of a U.S. citizen born in Jerusalem whose parents want Israel listed as his country of birth on his passport.

Haaretz Publishes Articles on Zionists' Failure to Act During Holocaust

May 01 2011

After covering the Eichmann trial, which opened in 1961 in Jerusalem, Naphtali Lavie, at the time a correspondent for Haaretz, wrote three articles in which he criticized the Zionist leadership for its failure to rescue European Jewry.

Attacks in Itamar and Jerusalem Leave Jewish People Wounded and Confused

Mar 23 2011

The Jewish world is still reeling from the murder of five members of a Jewish family, the Fogel family, in the West Bank settlement of Itamar, and now we are hit with the news of the bomb in Jerusalem's central bus station.

Religious Jews Look to UN for Refuge from Zionist Draft

Jan 17 2011

On Friday, Jan. 7, Zionist Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced that he would submit a proposal to increase the number of haredim drafted into the Zionist army.

Shepherd Hotel Demolished to Make Room for Zionist Settlers

Jan 12 2011

Israeli bulldozers began demolishing the old Shepherd Hotel compound in the predominantly Arab neighborhood Sheikh Jarrah in East Jerusalem early Sunday, paving the way for the construction of a new Jewish housing project on the site.

Brooklyn Congressman Pushes Zionist Agenda

Dec 31 2010

In a recent op-ed in the Zionist newspaper “The Jewish Press”, Congressman Anthony Weiner, whose district in Brooklyn and Queens, NY includes several large Jewish communities, writes:

In what country were you born?

Hot Off the Press: First English Biography of the Satmar Rebbe

Dec 27 2010

We are pleased to announce the publication of a biography of Rabbi Yoel Teitelbaum (1887-1979), rabbi of Satmar, Hungary and founder and leader of the Satmar community in New York.

New Nixon Tapes Prove that Anti-Semitism and Zionism Go Hand in Hand

Dec 20 2010

A new batch of recordings released by the Nixon Presidential Library and Museum provides further evidence of former U.S. President Richard Nixon’s animosity toward Jews.

True Torah Jews Ad to Run on Major Radio Stations

Oct 15 2010

The following ad is scheduled to run several times next week (Oct. 17-22) on three New York radio stations: 1010 WINS, 770 WABC and 710 WOR.

Why There Has Never Been Another Jewish State in the Last 2000 Years

Oct 12 2010

The Israeli Cabinet has approved a law that requires new citizens to declare their loyalty to a "Jewish state." Furthermore, Prime Minister Netanyahu demands that the Palestinians recognize Israel as a Jewish state as a prerequisite to halting settlemen

Zionist Cabinet Demands that Non-Jews Recognize Their State as a Jewish State

Oct 11 2010

The Israeli Cabinet has approved an amendment to a citizenship law that requires new citizens to declare their loyalty to a "Jewish and democratic state," the prime minister's office said Sunday.

Rabbi Curses Palestinians; Anti-Zionist Jews Respond

Aug 31 2010

Shas spiritual leader Rabbi Ovadia Yosef denounced upcoming peace talks with the Palestinians, which are set to start September 2 in Washington, and called for Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas to “perish from this world,” Army Radio reporte

True Torah Jews Hold Car Picketing in Melbourne, Australia

Jul 20 2010

True Torah Jews' branch in Melbourne, Australia held a car picketing on Tuesday, July 20, to protest the Zionist state and the recent digging in Jaffa.

True Torah Jews of Belgium Demonstrate

Jul 15 2010

Four hundred Orthodox Jews from Antwerp, Belgium traveled to the capital city of Brussels today (Thursday) to participate in a protest outside the Israeli consulate.