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Nefesh Bnefesh to Invade Monsey and Queens

May 14, 2009

Zionist aliyah organization Nefesh Bnefesh has once again taken aim at yeshiva-type Orthodox Jews, this time in Monsey and Queens. On Sunday, May 17, 2009 they have planned a public informational session at a synagogue in Monsey, New York, and on the following Sunday, May 24, at a synagogue in one of the Orthodox neighborhoods of Queens.

The organization described the sessions as follows: “This dynamic informational program, which is geared towards the Yeshiva Community, gives you the opportunity to learn more about living in Israel, immigrant rights, employment, education and more.”

The last public session held by Nefesh Bnefesh in an Orthodox setting was on Feb. 22 in Flatbush. On that occasion, the Zionist organization had advertised that they were going to hold their event in a mainstream synagogue, accompanied by a speech by a well-respected rabbi. But when that rabbi found out that they were using his name and synagogue without his permission, he protested strongly, and they were forced to rent a hall in another location.

Our comment:

This is a despicable attempt to deceive religious Jews who oppose Zionism by dressing it up as the mitzvah of living in Eretz Yisroel. Nefesh Bnefesh is funded directly by the Zionist Agency, the arm of the Zionist organization that works throughout the world to promote immigration to the state in order to boost the state in its struggle for demographic control of the Holy Land. They are now capitalizing on the fact that many Orthodox Jews, although they have heard from their rabbis that Zionism is against the Torah, do not know exactly what Zionism means. Many of them believe that Zionism merely means a movement to oppose the observance of Torah laws. They fail to understand that every additional Jew who comes to live in the State of Israel is another life staked on the great sin that the state constitutes, another obstacle to peace for Jews and non-Jews throughout the world, and another obstacle to the Jewish people’s return to the Torah-mandated exile.

Let us hope that this event be rejected and marginalized by the Monsey and Queens communities in the same way it was in Flatbush three months ago.