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Nefesh Bnefesh Plans to Invade Flatbush Community

Feb. 9, 2009

In an unprecedented step, Zionist aliyah organization Nefesh Bnefesh has taken aim at yeshiva-type Orthodox Jews living in the Flatbush neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York. In full-color ads, they have advertised an informational session to be held Sunday, February 22, at a synagogue in Flatbush.

The advertisement shows a picture of yeshiva-type young Jews, wearing white shirts and black jackets. One of them is wearing a black hat. On their shirts they sport stickers that read Oleh Chadash meaning new immigrant. In the background is an El Al airplane.

The text reads, Thinking about living in Eretz Yisroel& Learn more about Aliyah from a Nefesh BNefesh expert. Multi-media informational session covering: Government benefits, Employment in Israel, Communities, schools, taxes and more& Nefesh Bnefesh provides the following Aliyah assistance: Financial Grants, Expedited Govt. processing, Employment Resources, Social Services.

UPDATE: We have discovered that the rabbi of the synagogue mentioned on the Nefesh Bnefesh ad never gave his permission to host the event in his synagogue. He also refused to speak at it. Brazenly, the Nefesh Bnefesh organization printed his name and synagogue address anyway. He is very upset with them for this.

Our comment:

This is a despicable attempt to deceive religious Jews who oppose Zionism by dressing it up as the mitzvah of living in Eretz Yisroel. Nefesh Bnefesh is funded directly by the Zionist Agency, the arm of the Zionist organization that works throughout the world to promote immigration to the state in order to boost the state in its struggle for demographic control of the Holy Land. They are now capitalizing on the fact that many Orthodox Jews, although they have heard from their rabbis that Zionism is against the Torah, do not know exactly what Zionism means. Many of them believe that Zionism merely means a movement to oppose the observance of Torah laws. They fail to understand that masses of Jews who come to live in the State of Israel just mean more lives staked on the great sin that the state constitutes, another obstacle to peace for Jews and non-Jews throughout the world, and another obstacle to the Jewish peoples return to the Torah-mandated exile.

Jews Against Zionism is currently working on the proper response to this new onslaught by Nefesh Bnefesh. Anyone who can lend a hand to protesting the event, handing out literature or funding posters should call us at 1-888-560-9634.