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Jews Against Zionism Launches Holy Tongue Website

Nov. 27, 2007

True Torah Jews Against Zionism is proud to announce the launching of a new project: a website completely in the holy tongue. The site is still in the process of being built, but it can be accessed now either directly or by clicking on the "lashon hakodesh" button on the right side of the English site.

The new site contains selected quotes from the Bible, the Talmudic Sages and major Jewish commentaries opposing the Zionist ideology. The quotes are taken from the new book Efes Biltecha Goaleinu, and they are sorted by author for easy access to readers. There is also a section of books and articles available on line, as well as some never published before. Also available is the Parsha Pearls comments on the weekly Torah portion.

The site is written completely in the Holy Tongue, the true Hebrew language used by Jews in their writing and study for thousands of years, not the recently-created modern Hebrew language. In one feature of the site, words from the modern Hebrew language are analyzed to show the heresy behind them, and readers are given suggestions as to how to avoid using these words and instead write their ideas in true Hebrew.

The site also includes a news section, similar to the one on the English site, in which news articles are quoted from online media sources with our reaction.

This project was undertaken at the behest of Rabbi Menashe Fulop. Rabbi Fulop has praised the work of Jews Against Zionism, but also recommended that the organization do something to reach Jews in the Zionist State who do not understand English. Currently 50 percent of the world's Jews speak English as their first language. For 35 percent of the world's Jews, the first language is Hebrew. Furthermore, there are many Jews outside the Zionist state who, although not speaking Hebrew, can read and understand it because of its primacy as a language of Torah study. These Jews could also benefit from having the sources against Zionism available to them online.

It is hoped that the site will soon have a Yiddish section as well.

Articles In Hebrew and Yiddish can now be accessed by clicking on the Lashon Kodesh Yiddish link on the right of our home page.