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Lupolianski Announces Major Construction in East Jerusalem

Jan. 24, 2008

Jerusalem City Hall said it will build 40,000 new apartments in the city, including eastern Jerusalem, in the next decade.

Tuesday's announcement includes 8,000 apartments currently being marketed throughout the city, including in eastern Jerusalem and in areas that are part of Jerusalem's expanded city boundaries, the Jerusalem Post reported Wednesday.

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Our comment:

It is time for Orthodox Jews to realize that their choices of where to live are, like it or not, an ideological statement of their view on Zionism. Religious families that move into Gilo, Pisgat Zeev, Har Homa, Neve Yaakov and parts of Ramot, even if they claim to be against Zionism, are stating with their actions that they support the Zionist claim on this land, which is contrary to the Torah.

We must publicly register our protest against the Zionist mayor Lupolianski, who by presenting himself as a charedi Jew and pursuing these militant policies is dragging all Orthodox Jews into an unwanted conflict and into danger.