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Joseph Klausner

Ben Yehuda tapped into the pulse of our language, and with great care, searched for its live nerve. From all parts of the Mishnah, the Talmud and the books of the Middle Ages, he found all the references to coarse concepts. He found every simple folk expression in our ancient library and published it in his newspapers, or in his articles and translations that appeared in periodicals. This is how he lowered the Hebrew language from her exalted status. He stripped her of her widow’s garments, and instead of an elderly noblewoman who could never accomplish anything, he made her young, full of youthful lust, mingling with the coarse population. She became sufficient for all the needs of the people’s life.

Of course, Ben Yehuda was not the only one who made this revolution, but he was the main driving force behind it, and he had the biggest role in the revolution through which, over the course of seventy years, the Hebrew language became almost unrecognizable. Nobody who is not trying to deny facts can deny this. And therefore our movement will never forget Ben Yehuda.