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Zionists to Make Jewish Texts Available Free Online

June 6, 2008

Thousands of Jewish religious and other texts in Hebrew will be made available online for the first time by Bar-Ilan University, as part of an initiative sponsored by President Shimon Peres.

The texts, which will be accessible via a special search engine, will be funded by donations raised by Peres.

Bar-Ilan University seems like the most worthy place to found the Jewish digital book stand, Peres said on Monday.

University officials estimated that the database dubbed the Jewish digital book stand will be up and running within a year. Bar-Ilan President Professor Moshe Kave described the project as the greatest Jewish-cultural enterprise since the invention of scripture. He said teams are already at work in order to make the plans available.

Our comment:

The Brisker Rav used to say that he could look at the face of a child and tell whether he attended a school that accepted Zionist government funding or a school that did not. When the Zionist give money to support Torah, they are exerting influence over the learners.

One doesn't have to be the Brisker Rav to see the long-term effects of their support. Since 1948, and even more so since 1977 when they dramatically increased their support of the Orthodox school system, we have seen more and more traditionally religious Jews lean toward the Zionist position.

Until now, their insidious influence only reached the chadarim, yeshivos, and kollelim within their country, which they support. Now they are stretching out to catch Jewish scholars throughout the world with these free online holy books. Let all who care about their souls avoid using this database at all costs!

There are some who propose a boycott on Zionist products. But what we are saying here is even more crucial. Buying Zionist products for money doesn't harm our souls and our minds nearly as much as taking their products for free. And the harm is even more when these products are the holy books of our Torah!