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Second Netanyahu Ad Hits Florida Airwaves; TTJ Responds With Ad of Their Own


The following story originally appeared in Politico:

Several weeks ago, ads featuring Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu talking about Iran ran in targeted markets in Florida, courtesy of the c4 Secure America Now.

Thanks to its tax status, the organization doesn’t have to disclose its donors.

A Republican involved with the project said it was airing in Miami, West Palm Beach and Ft. Myers. Those markets house some of the state’s largest Jewish communities. The cost of this project was about $1 million.

The group is going up with another spot of the same variety starting tomorrow, on broadcast in West Palm Beach, Fort Myers and cable in Miami, with about $300,000 already placed, the group's officials said.
The new spot is cued off the vice presidential debate last week.

"Several Secure America Now supporters who have known Netanyahu for many years were quite surprised to hear Joe Biden brag about being such a great pal of the Prime Minister," said the spot's producer, Nelson Warfield. "They thought Florida voters might like to hear directly from Biden's old buddy about the need to finally get tough with Iran."

True Torah Jews are disturbed at these ads. We believe that the interference of Israeli politicians in the elections can damage the image of American Jews.

We have launched a radio ad campaign to set the record straight. The following is the text of our ad:

The following is a paid advertisement and does not reflect the views of WABC. As the United States presidential campaign reaches its climax, Israeli prime minister Bibi Netanyahu has voiced historically-unprecedented statements in an effort to influence the outcome of the United States elections. Moreover, these statements are being propagandized to American citizens as political ads, especially in critical swing states.

American Jews are disturbed by these ads. This time, the Israeli prime minister has clearly crossed the red line. By recklessly interfering in United States elections, he may very well have damaged the image of American Jews. Therefore American Jews wish to repudiate this interference in the elections and clarify that, as always, the statements of Israeli politicians do not reflect the opinion of American Jews. To find out more, visit www dot true torah jews dot org that’s true torah jews dot org. Again, that is true torah jews dot o-r-g.

Click here to listen the ad.