Our mission is to inform the world that the State of Israel does NOT represent Jews or Judaism.

TTJ Launches Radio Campaign in Response to the Unrest in the Middle East and its Worldwide Impact

August 4, 2014

The following is the text of a radio ad sponsored by True Torah Jews on WABC New York.

Across the globe, hundreds of thousands of True Torah Jews are pained at the continuous unrest in the Middle East. We grieve over the unwarranted bloodshed, the loss of innocent lives, and we pray for the prompt return of peace and prosperity to the region.

At the same time, we are concerned that the blurred boundaries between Judaism and Zionism has resulted in increased anti-Semitism, thus jeopardizing the safety of Jews living all over the world.

As Jews, we reserve the right to separate from Zionism and defend ourselves from this threat. Our message to the global community is clear: The Israeli government leaders are not the spokesmen for the Jewish people; their actions and rhetoric never have and never will represent Judaism.

We support President Barack Obama as well as his Secretary of State John Kerry. We continually pray for his success and wellbeing; we admire his efforts for peace all over the world and we are proud to be Jewish citizens under his rule.

For more information, go to www.truetorahjews.com.

The ad began to air last Friday and will continue today at 3:57 PM, 7:47PM, 8:32 PM

Click here to listen to our radio ad.

Click here to listen to Curtis and Kuby discussing our radio ad.