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Op-Ed: Bibi Netanyahu's Chutzpah

Jan. 29, 2015

by Michelle Deutsch
The eagerness of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in accepting an invitation to address the American Congress has sparked a serious controversy throughout the political spectrum. Regardless of whether his act was an encroachment of political decorum, Bibi's enthusiasm in denouncing a President's policy in the audience of his legislators is an egregious display of flagrant impudence.

As American Jews, we are deeply pained by Bibi's impetuous behavior. Not due to him being our representative, but because he exploits our name to achieve his goals. At his previous addresses in the Congress, he announced himself as being the representative of World Jewry, despite the fact that we have no connection to his schemes or agendas. He speaks in the name of the Jewish Nation when disparaging the President who allowed him entry, an act that has naturally caused untold discomfort and anger in the Jewish community.

Bibi's actions have not only influenced American Jewry. In Paris, when blood still bubbled on the streets, he called for a mass exodus to Israel. When the French government has so bravely fought to protect its citizens, he claimed that Jews are only safe within Israel's borders. When in Israel, congregants were hacked with meat cleavers, civilians murdered by deliberate car accidents, where stabbing has become the new way of greeting and in that climate Jews are supposed to find their haven.

Jews for sale?

A vital proponent of President Obama's Foreign Policies was his eschewal of being the front runner in any conflicts. Should it be by the Arab Spring, Russian-Crimean conflict, ISIS & by the French unity march (though a misguided move) was all to avoid bearing the full brunt of any consequences that may follow. Just like Obama seeks to simmer the blaze against America, Netanyahu wishes to fuel the fire against the Jewish Nation.

In France, he joined the unity march, despite explicit warnings on the contrary, so that he can garner unnecessary attention. In a high-profile visit to a Synagogue in France, he purposely depicted the Jews as being the prime subjects of the recent terror activities.

One of the reasons why President Obama has vacillated in associating ISIS with Islam is the fear of it being exploited as a pretext for retaliation. In a direct contrast, Bibi refuses to consider any such trivial ideas. So at times when Jews are not specifically targeted, it is Bibi's goal in rousing unnecessary attention that may deem them a target. In an interview with CBS, he declared the need for destroying ISIS in order to stop "their twisted idea of world domination." And that he is "ready to support and help in every way that we are asked to do".

Prior to that interview, ISIS never singled out the Jews from the broader picture of Western infidels. However, in their monthly English publication they plastered a picture of Bibi showing "the enemy in his own words". All of these acts are naturally in the name of World Jewry; the Jewish nation is just of catchpenny commodity for Mr. Netanyahu. He is ready to sell them at any time for anyone; you just need to ask.


As of recent date, the Global community has devoted a disproportionate amount of attention to the recent upsurge in Anti-Semitism. Why now? Why has the UN convened for the first time to address Anti-Semitism? What is the truth behind this? Can the claims, that Jews are hunted beings and are unsafe in any country, stemming from Bibi and his enthusiasts, serve as a clue to the recent purported spike in Anti-Semitism? What is the reason behind the Zionist's obsessed hammering against Anti-Semitism? The answer lies in one of the fundamental tenets of Zionism. Theodore Herzl founder of modern Zionism wrote that in order to achieve their goals "Anti-Semites will become our surest friends, Anti-Semitic countries our allies". (Herzl Diaries, Page 19) It is with this dogma they propagate the ostensible unsafe conditions of Jews in the Diaspora, ultimately wishing to initiate a vast exodus of Jews to the volatile country of Israel.

We are taught to dream for the moon, so that we can ultimately reach the stars. It is our desire to terminate the provocative actions perpetrated by the Zionists' in general and Benjamin Netanyahu's, in particular. But ceasing the well-oiled machine of Zionist propaganda is beyond our capabilities, so it is our hope to reach for the stars and thus be heard that Zionism does not represent Judaism.