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Netanyahu Angers American Jews with Plans to Address Congress

Feb. 6, 2015

Only a few weeks have passed since Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu placed French Jews in danger with his vulgar behavior as an uninvited guest at a time of bitter sadness, but he is already preparing for his next wild action: bypassing the President and speaking directly to Congress – a step that may endanger Jews in America.

Jews in American are shocked and angry at the breathtaking chutzpah of Netanyahu, who plans to address a joint session of the House and Senate on March 3, without the blessings of the President or anyone in his administration – and all with the false claim that he speaks in our name.

But for Netanyahu, such a reckless step is business as usual. The consequences that the Jewish people may suffer in America itself and around the world, the anti-Semitic feelings it will arouse, don’t bother Netanyahu in the least. On the contrary, if, G-d forbid, Jews are harmed because of his chutzpah, he would consider it a great accomplishment. The more trouble for the Jews of the world, the more pleased the Zionist leaders are, because it helps them achieve their goal of mass immigration to their state.

Of course, there’s more to the story. Speaker Boehner’s invitation to Netanyahu to address Congress is part of an internal political struggle in Washington. The Republicans, now in control of both the House and the Senate, want a more aggressive foreign policy. It is True Torah Jews’ policy not to express opinions about what party strategists in Washington decide. We respect both major parties. But one thing is clear: Netanyahu’s proposed address would be a great embarrassment for American Jews.

Netanyahu wishes to give President Obama a lesson in foreign policy, but it is really he who should learn something from Obama. Obama is a responsible leader, who always tries to make sure America does not get an image in the world as “the great Satan” and an opponent of Islam. When Obama does take action against another country, he doesn’t do it alone; he always forms a coalition of nations - for example, the sanctions against Russia, military actions against ISIS, and the bombing of Libya. He always tries to keep a low profile, not to be at the forefront of the battle, so that American citizens shouldn’t become targets for terrorism. Even after the recent massacre in France, he was careful not to take too prominent a role. And when he condemns a terrorist attack, he never mentions the terrorists’ religion, only the general term “extremists”. He is careful not to generalize about members of particular religions.

Netanyahu follows the exact opposite policy. He holds the name of the Jewish people hostage and uses them whenever he can. He doesn't mind if the Jews of the world pay the price for his extremist agenda. He speaks not of “Israel” but of the “Jewish state”; he speaks not of “Israelis” but of “Jews.” That is why Jews who have no connection to the State of Israel fall victim to his irresponsible talk.

After the terror attack in France, the French government sent direct messages to Netanyahu, as well as Palestinian president Abbas, asking them explicitly not to attend the Paris solidarity rally. At first both agreed. But then Netanyahu decided that for his own political reasons, he would attend, no matter what France said. All France could do in response was to invite the Palestinian president, so that at least it should be balanced.

At the rally, Netanyahu arrogantly elbowed his way to the front, greeting people in all directions. Later he visited a synagogue, where he angered people even more with his call for all French Jews to move to the State of Israel. French leaders walked out of the synagogue in protest when Netanyahu began his speech.

French Jewish leaders condemned Netanyahu’s calls for Jews to flee France, and expressed their trust in the French government to fight terror. They said that French Jews were doing well and living comfortably, despite all the anti-Semitism Zionists were attempting to spark in the country.

While the world hopes for peace between the Israelis and the Palestinians, Netanyahu and his right-wing partners are constantly approving new settlements. Often the approvals are timed to coincide with the visits of high American diplomats. The settlement policy puts Jews in danger in the Holy Land and throughout the world. But that doesn't matter to them; they believe in the philosophy of "keep doing the operation even if the patient dies."

So here are two totally different approaches to foreign policy. And what are the results of each? On President Obama’s watch, Americans have become more secure. On Netanyahu's watch, danger to Jews around the world, including in the Holy Land, has increased to levels not seen since the Second World War. Yes, Bibi Netanyahu has successfully done anything and everything to endanger Jews worldwide.

And of course, Netanyahu is ready to come afterwards to speak at gatherings on the very anti-Semitism he created, and with his speeches he will certainly create more. After starting the fire he comes running like a fireman, but instead of water he sprays gasoline.

Whoever condemns his policies is attacked with the old lie that anti-Zionism is really anti-Semitism, and thus a few more people are labeled as anti-Semites. All the better for Zionism.

In fact, the opposite is true: it is the non-Jewish supporters of Zionism who are often secretly anti-Semites. They don't want the Jews as their neighbors, so they contribute millions to help Jews move away to the Holy Land. American Jewry doesn't want the new "friends" the Zionists have given us, nor the new enemies.

We protest Netanyahu's claim to represent us: we are American citizens, not Israelis. Our president is Barack Obama, not Benjamin Netanyahu. We follow the Torah's teaching, "Seek the welfare of the city to which I have exiled you, and pray for it to G-d, for with its peace you will have peace" (Jeremiah 29:7). We are loyal and grateful citizens of the United States, under whose protection we have the freedom to practice our religion.

Let us conclude with the traditional prayer for our government and president:

May He Who grants salvation to kings and power to princes, Whose kingdom endures forever, Who saved His servant David from the sword of his enemies, Who makes a path in the seas and a road in the mighty waters – bless, keep, guard, assist, exalt, empower and uplift our honorable President Barack Obama!

May the King of kings in His mercy give him life and guard him, save him from all misfortune, tragedy and harm, and grant him success. May He make him victorious in his battles and successful in all his undertakings.

May the King of kings, in His mercy, place mercy in his heart and the hearts of all his advisors and cabinet members, to deal kindly with all peoples, including the Jewish people. In his days and in our days may the Jewish people be redeemed and dwell safely, with the coming of the messiah, so may it be His will, amen.