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American Jews Protest Against Hadassah Hospital

Sep 16, 2009

Jewish groups in the United States who are concerned about the ongoing accusations of the Zionist state’s Hadassah Hospital against an innocent religious Jewish woman whose child was mistreated by the hospital protested outside the hospital’s New York office at 50 W. 58th St. this Wednesday, Sep. 16 at 3:30 PM.

The child, now three and a half years of age, was hospitalized on and off for the last 18 months, as doctors at the hospital claimed he had some mysterious illness that they could not diagnose. During that time, no less than 45 different tests and procedures were performed on the child, not to mention blood tests and x-rays too many to count. During the last several months, the child was fed only by a feeding tube to his stomach. Many sorts of drugs, some with dangerous side effects, were administered. All these procedures left the child weak and emaciated, weighing half of what a child his age should weigh.

When the child’s devoted mother was advised by an independent doctor that perhaps there was really nothing wrong with the child and the hospital was just testing drugs and procedures on him, she decided to transfer him out of Hadassah to a different hospital. When the hospital realized that this might lead to bad publicity for them, they decided to accuse her of causing the entire illness. They concocted the preposterous accusation that she was suffering from a mental condition that caused her to deliberately withhold food from her son and lie about his symptoms in order to fool doctors into thinking he was ill. (This is belied by the fact that before each period of hospitalization, the child’s health was much better than at the end of the hospitalization.) The police arrested her and took her to jail, where they tortured and intimidated her for ten days in the hopes that she would confess to the charges. But she remained resolute.

Meanwhile, the secular Israeli media was having a field day with this news. Without bothering to investigate the true story, they seized the opportunity to blacken the reputation of Orthodox anti-Zionist Jews, such as those in the Jerusalem community where the woman in question lived.

The reaction of the Orthodox community of Jerusalem was swift. Tens of thousands protested in the streets, demanding that the woman be set free and her son be released from the hospital. Under immense pressure, an Israeli court decided that the woman and her son could go home. Out of the hospital doctors’ reach, the young boy quickly began to gain weight and is on his way to recovery.

But Hadassah Hospital is not finished. They are still pursuing legal action against the mother, which could lead to the court taking all her five children away from her. The Zionist state cannot bear to see its most prestigious and symbolically important hospital be tarnished with the terrible crime of experimenting with an innocent child, so their legal system is cooperating fully with Hadassah to make sure that the child’s mother gets fully blamed.

Needless to say, Orthodox Jews in Jerusalem and around the world are outraged over this injustice and are coming out in protest. Letters and phone calls are pouring into the hospital’s offices demanding that the charges against the woman be dropped and an investigation committee be set up to examine the conduct of the doctors. Next Wednesday’s demonstration is a part of this protest.

Click here to read the press release distributed in advance of this protest.