Our mission is to inform the world that the State of Israel does NOT represent Jews or Judaism.

Maybe the Zionists During WWII had good intentions?


I am a secular Jew of pure blood for as long as I can trace back. Over the years I have developed more and more respect for my ancestors, and the pain they had to endure to survive, and ultimately, give me life. I just finished reading the rabbi's 10 questions for zionists to ask themselves. I must say that I do not totally dismisss the facts you provided about the early zionists as false. Sure, they had their own agenda, and to an extent, rejected and even made deals with enemies of the Jewish people in order to satisfy their agenda. But one must also look at the context, and times, these agreements were being made. Yes, the boycott of 1933 turned out to be counter-productive, as did the assasination of a german official by a youth named "greenspam", I believe. But it all comes from the desire to create a safe haven for Jews, during a time when it seemed like there was no safe place. To call zionists "True Jew Haters", is not only uncalled for, but I think that hashem would disagree with this accusation as well. Let's face it, wheather or not the zionist agenda facilitated the holocaust prior to, and during WWII, the majority of the gentiles in Europe were happy to see Jews got to the death camps. How can you lay so much blame on the zionists during the holocaust when pogroms, persecution, rapes, etc... were going on for literally thousands of years. The holocaust is a refelction of the distaste that gentiles had for Jews, that had been mounting over the years. Afeterall, we dismiss christ, and do not accept him as the son of g-d. This is the basic principle underlying the hatred that has been ever so prevalent amongst european christians throughout the century. Please, do not blame the zionists.

Perhaps, all of our suffering is not in vain now that a jewish state has been created in our ancestrial homeland. To see strong, proud, Jews with the ability to adaquetely protect other Jews is not only the most beautiful site I have ever experienced, but it is the only time in history, since soloman, that Jews could defend their women and children. The state of Israel may prove to be the best thing that ever happened to the Jewish people, and it has in the minds of many people including myself, but only time will tell, and it is too early to make judjements.


Dear Noah,

In bringing to the attention of the world the historical material about the Zionists and the Holocaust, we have no intention of taking the blame off the Nazis and the other gentiles who carried out the crimes. Rather, our intent is to undermine one of the main support pillars of Zionism that a state is necessary to save Jews from anti-Semitism, and that if there had been a state at the time of the Holocaust, all the Jews could have been saved. Our point is that the Zionists became so focused on their goal that they ignored all other methods of saving Jews, and therefore many Jews who could have been saved were not saved. No one should claim that they had only the Jewish people's best interest at heart.

In your second paragraph you write as a secular Jew, who does not appreciate the Jewish belief system and the great perversion of it represented by Zionism. You are proud to see Jews with the ability to fight back and protect other Jews, but you do not realize how this flies in the face of the centuries-old Jewish concepts of exile and waiting for the messiah. Or perhaps you do realize this, but you do not mind the change, just as the Reform are aware that they are making serious changes in the Jewish belief system. In any case, you should still understand why to us, Jews who continue to uphold Torah and belief, Zionism is a sacrilege.

Furthermore, we believe that G-d, in giving us the guidelines for our exile, knew what was best for us, and that if He decided that we should not be running a state and an army to protect ourselves, then that is clearly not the best method of protection. We believe that time will tell and posterity will look back and see that Zionism, with its allure of safety, turned out to be the most unsafe move ever made by the Jewish people. Already the Zionists have gathered many millions of Jews to one place, where they are threatened with wars of mass destruction. We pray that G-d help the Jewish people to get out of the predicament into which Zionism has led them!