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Anti-Zionist Jews Protest in Upstate New York

Aug 25, 2009

Times Herald-Record

Clashes between ultra-Orthodox Jewish protesters and police in Jerusalem are prompting sympathy protests in this country, including one Monday afternoon on Sportsman's Road in Napanoch, NY.

An estimated 2,000 rabbis and Jewish students took part in the protest, chanting slogans such as, "Israeli government, shame on you."

The original protests in Jerusalem began over the opening of a city parking lot on the Jewish Sabbath in June, under the order of Mayor Nir Barkat.

According to press reports, tensions have risen in the city since Barkat replaced an ultra-Orthodox mayor in last November's elections. The reports said the lot was opened because illegal parking nearby was blocking emergency vehicles.

The protestors' interpretation of Jewish law prohibits driving on the Sabbath.

Monday's Napanoch protest drew many from New York City and other locations outside the mid-Hudson. They say protesters in Jerusalem are being beaten by police for standing up for their religion.

The local protesters stressed their solidarity with those who have been protesting in the State of Israel.