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Zionist Leader to Speak to UN General Assembly; Jews Fear They Will Be Used Once Again

Sep. 19, 2011

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has just announced that he will address the UN General Assembly on Wednesday, September 21, in an effort to dissuade UN member states from voting this Friday to recognize Palestinian independence.

American traditional Jews are rolling their eyes. No doubt, we are going to see a repeat of Netanyahu’s performance in Congress earlier this year. The Zionist leader is going to use the Torah in support of an ideology that is fundamentally anti-Torah. Zionism’s goal has always been to replace the Torah with nationalism. We can be sure that he will take verses of the Torah out of context so that they fit his agenda. He will certainly use the word “Jews” over and over again, and he will call his state “the Jewish state.” All this with one goal: to take the Jews as hostages and put world Jewry on the line for his purposes. He wants to hide under the mantle of the Jewish people, so that they bear the responsibility for whatever he does. He will use the Jewish credit card so that, G-d forbid, the Jewish people will have to pay the bills, with interest. He has one malicious goal: to put all the eggs in one basket, to take the entire Jewish people into his ship so that he can be their captain, and if it sinks, it will take the entire Jewish people down with it, G-d forbid. World Jewry is Netanyahu’s cannon fodder to further his agenda.

What interests him the most is to get as many speaking invitations as possible, to get as much as praise as possible for his speaking ability, and to go down in history as a mighty and stubborn leader of his state. His resume is full of speeches in important places, such as Congress and the UN. From all his good speeches, nothing good has ever emerged for the Jews. We have never benefited from his stubbornness. But he doesn’t let the possible consequences of his speeches get in his way. He is a traitor to the Jewish people in the fullest sense of the word. We American Jews are thankful to be living under the trustworthy government of the United States of America and our honorable President Barack Obama, and not under this traitor Netanyahu.

It would be critical at this time for traditional Jewry to speak to the UN General Assembly and launch a resolution of its own: that the State of Israel should be known from now on as a Zionist state, not a Jewish state. The Zionists do not represent the Jewish people; we, as well as our traditional Jewish brethren in the Holy Land, have no connection with them. Many traditional Jews in the Holy Land demonstrate their disconnection from the state by boycotting their elections and refusing to accept state funding.