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Eliezer Ben Yehuda

For the needs of our everyday life, there are very few words that we can use in the ancient books. For these needs, we have to fill in the missing parts of our language by creating new words. (Hachalom Veshivro, p. 214)

I permitted myself to include in my dictionary some totally new words, which I coined myself throughout my years of work in this field, in order to complete what was missing from our language. I was successful in getting many of these new words widely accepted, as the property of the masses. It has already been forgotten who their father was, to the point that many users, if they would only know who the creator of these words was, would surely refuse to use them. (Hachalom Veshivro, p. 155)

When we write Modern Hebrew, we have to stop being constantly afraid of mistakes, thinking that perhaps in the Bible, Mishnah or Midrash the word is not spelled or used that way. If we are going to be so accurate, the end result will be that Modern Hebrew cannot exist at all. (Ivrit Hachadashah, p. 50)

We have to unshackle the feet of Hebrew speakers and writers. If not, our language will never have a complete life. (Ivrit Hachadashah, p. 55)