Our mission is to inform the world that the State of Israel does NOT represent Jews or Judaism.

Jewish Religion Used by Israeli Government for Political Agenda

March 22, 2010

During Vice President Joseph Biden's recent visit to the State of Israel, Israeli Interior Secretary Eli Yishai approved the plans for a highly-controversial 1600-apartment complex in East Jerusalem. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu subsequently apologized to Biden and other members of the Obama administration, claiming that the announcement was made by Yishai's ultra-religious Shas Party without his knowledge. However, anyone can see through this cheap scheme that uses religion as a screen for political tactics.

"All over the world, Jews who are true to the Torah are outraged by this ongoing Zionist ploy, in which the Zionists attempt to create the impression that the holy Torah is behind their hard-line, nationalistic goals," said Rabbi Leopold Klein, a spokesman for True Torah Jews.

"It is crucial at this time to clarify the Torah's true position on this matter, as well as review the past sixty years in the history of Sephardic Jewry and the Shas Party.

"Judaism is a faith and the Torah is at the core of that faith; Zionism is a political movement that is inherently anti-Torah and, consequently, anti-Judaism. Since its inception, Zionism has brought untold pain and suffering upon Jews all across the globe. Cruel-heartedly, Zionist leaders uprooted thousands of Jews from their native countries, converting them away from Judaism and the Torah. In particular, the Zionists uprooted and almost completely assimilated the traditional Yemenite, Moroccan, Iraqi, and Algerian Sephardic Jewish communities; the Zionists leaders then exploited these immigrants as slave-laborers under sub-human conditions to help develop the State of Israel.

"Even the minority of Sephardic Jews who succeeded in clinging to Judaism were soon successfully brainwashed with Zionist ideals. Today, these religious Sephardic Jews continue to be exploited – much like their brethren several decades ago – to promote the Zionist agenda. With cunning manipulation, the Zionist leaders make sure that the blame for political offenses is continually placed on the 'religious parties' rather than on the actual culprits, the Zionist leaders themselves.

"In this manner, the Zionist leaders attempt to cloak their political agenda in a veil of 'religious' and 'Torah' objectives. As a result of this deception and mockery of the Torah and the Jewish faith, individuals all across the globe may view the holy Torah, as well as Torah-true Jewry, as politically extreme and against peace.

"The incontestable truth is that the Torah strongly advocates peace. In fact, Jews were avowed by God not to revolt against any nation or people, and never to seek political independence. Jewish law demands that Jews be law-abiding citizens in whichever countries they choose to take up residence. Jews in exile were instructed by the Biblical prophet Jeremiah (29:7), 'Seek out the welfare of the city to which I have exiled you and pray for it to the Almighty, for through its peace will you have peace.' And certainly, Jews must act with utmost respect toward world leaders. For close to two thousand years – ever since the destruction of the holy Temple in Jerusalem – these have been basic principles for all observant Jews.

"In light of the above, it is obvious that Zionists have absolutely no right to speak in the name of Jews. Their declarations, statements, and arguments do not represent the interests of Jews or Judaism, neither in the Holy Land nor abroad. Moreover, even the 'religious' parties do not represent the Torah's true position at all. According to the Torah, they should not build the new housing complex, since it angers the governments of the world.

"As American Jews, we strongly support the United States government, headed by the honorable President Barack Obama and his dedicated administration, and continually pray for its success and wellbeing," Rabbi Leopold Klein concluded.