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Rabbi Shmuel ben Yitzchak Yaffeh

Maamar Shalosh Shevuos Siman 25

Aug 20 2015

[In the previous siman, the Rebbe contrasted Rashi's opinion, that "forcing the end" means excessive prayer, with that of the Rambam, the Midrash and the Targum Yonasan, who explain it to mean physical action.

Maamar Shalosh Shevuos Siman 17

Jul 03 2015

[In the previous siman, the Rebbe took issue with the Avnei Nezer, who understands Rashi’s words “with a strong hand” to mean that only armed conquest of Eretz Yisroel is prohibited under the oath.

Rabbi Shmuel ben Yitzchak Yaffe Ashkenazi of Constantinople, author of Yefei Kol (1525-1595)

Jul 04 2012

The Midrash (Shir Hashirim Rabbah 2:7) tells us the reason for the oath against going up as a wall: “If so, why does the king moshiach have to come to gather the exiles of Israel?”