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Bar Kochba

Maamar Shalosh Shevuos Siman 39

Apr 14 2016

[Background: The Rambam (Hilchos Melachim 11:3) stated that moshiach will not have to perform miracles to prove himself; as proof, the Rambam cited the fact that Rabbi Akiva and the other Sages thought that Ben Koziva (Bar Kochba) was moshiach, and they

Maamar Shalosh Shevuos Siman 24

Aug 19 2015

Now I will explain the third oath, not to force the end. What exactly does this mean? Rashi says that “yidchaku” (force) comes from the word “dochak” (pressure): that the Jews should not pray too much for the end of exile.

Where in the Torah does it say Jews can't have a state?

Dec 26 2012

Dear sir,

Can you give me reference (in the torah and bible), where it says that the jews are in exile and are not allowed to have a state?

Maybe Zionism is right because G-d inspired the Jews to do it.

Dec 09 2012

Dear Rabbi,

Does not the Talmud say "come and see what the people have to say." Sometimes in the spiritial movement of the people there is great divine inspiration.

Ephraim L.

How does Zionism contrast with what the messiah will do?

Sep 07 2012

In one of your responses, you said that zionism is an attempt to return
the Jewish kindom on our own, without waiting for the Messiah.

Parsha Pearls: The Counting of the Omer

Aug 24 2011

The period of Sefiras Haomer is linked in our history with the story of Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai, whose yartzeit is on Lag Baomer.