Theodor Herzl

Lieberman urges South Africa's Jews to move to State of Israel, warns of future pogroms

Nov 06 2013

Former Israeli foreign minister Avigdor Lieberman has hit back strongly against an announcement by South African International Relations Minister Maite Nkoana-Mashabane of a moratorium on government visits to Israel, accusing the country of hypocrisy an

A piece I wrote to my fellow Muslims based on what I learned from you.

Dec 26 2012

Dear Rabbi, Thank you for your peaceful message toward Jews and Muslims of the world. I am attempting to reach my brothers and show them the difference between Judaism and Zionism, based on information on your site. Here is what I have written:

Rabbi Yisroel Hager, Vizhnitzer Rebbe (1860-1936)

Oct 14 2012

Satan is constantly changing his disguise and sending his agents to entrap the Jewish masses in his net, so that they throw the yoke of the Torah off their necks. The names of these agents change every few generations.

Theodor Herzl

Sep 27 2011

While Herzl claimed that the establishment of a "Jewish" state would cure anti-Semitism, he also promoted anti-Semitism to further his cause.

Herzl stated in his diary:

Parsha Pearls: Parshas Re'eh

Sep 05 2011

These are new gods, so they are okay
The False Prophet’s Miracle
Like Deer and Hinds

“If a prophet or a dreamer arises among you, and he gives you a sign or a wonder” (Devarim 13:2)