Sephardic Jews

Millions of Jews in the Holy Land Now Have Another Option: Spain

Jun 11 2014

MADRID (AP) - Spain’s cabinet on Friday approved a bill allowing descendants of Jews forced into exile centuries ago the right to dual citizenship, but said applicants will have to take a Spanish culture test in addition to having their ancient ties to

Rabbi Chaim David Chazan (c. 1862)

Aug 24 2012

Rabbi Chaim David Chazan was the Rishon Letzion (Sephardic chief rabbi of Jerusalem under the Ottoman empire). He writes in his letter of approbation to the sefer Derishas Tzion, by Rabbi Tzvi Hirsch Kalischer::

Religious Ultra-Zionist Party Emerges as Obstacle to Peace

Sep 22 2008

An ultra-Orthodox Jewish party run by an octogenarian rabbi who has said Hurricane Katrina was divine punishment emerged Thursday as the kingmaker in forming the next Israeli government.