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U.S. State Department: Criticism of Zionist State Encourages Anti-Semitism

Mar 20 2008

In the most recent edition of its annual report Contemporary Global Anti-Semitism released Thursday, March 13, the U.S. State Department wrote:

Zionist Agency Brings 40 Jews From Iran

Dec 25 2007

Forty Jews came to the State of Israel from Iran on Tuesday. This is the largest single group of Iranian Jewish immigrants ever brought to Israel by the Jewish Agency.

31% Believe Jews More Loyal to Israel Than America

Nov 01 2007

The Anti-Defamation League released recent survey results showing that an alarmingly large percentage of Americans believe that Jews have too much power and are more loyal to the Zionist State than to America.

Peres Arouses Anti-Semitism in Hungary

Oct 25 2007

The radical right wing in Hungary is taking to the streets in reaction to Israeli President Shimon Peres' comment that "Israel is buying up Hungary", which was published on the Maariv website nrg.