Our mission is to inform the world that the State of Israel does NOT represent Jews or Judaism.

Demonstrations & Rallies

True Torah Jews Produces Video to be Shown at Demonstrations

Jul 01 2010

True Torah Jews has produced a short video, which can be shown on a giant streetside screen at demonstrations.

CRC Calls Massive Protest Against Digging in Jaffa

Jun 15 2010

On Monday, June 14, the Zionist government continued bulldozing an ancient Jewish cemetery in Jaffa to make room for a hotel parking lot.

True Torah Jews Stage Massive Protest in Manhattan

Jun 10 2010

On Monday, May 31, anti-Zionist Jews took to the streets of Manhattan to protest against grave desecration in Ashkelon and Jaffa.

Demonstrations to be Held in New York and Washington

May 30 2010

A large demonstration of anti-Zionist Orthodox Jews is scheduled to take place on Monday, May 31 at 3:30 PM in front of the Israeli Consulate at 800 2nd Avenue in Manhattan.

Orthodox Jews Protest Destruction of Ashkelon Cemetery by Zionist Government

May 16 2010

The Israeli government has proceeded with plans to enlarge the Barzilai Medical Center in Ashkelon by destroying an ancient cemetery.

Orthodox Jews Protest Against Netanyahu and His State

Sep 23 2009

Orthodox Jews held a demonstration today, Tuesday, September 22 from 5 to 7 PM, near the United Nations building at 42nd Street and 1st Avenue, as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu arrives to meet with the General Assembly.

Anti-Zionist Jews Demonstrate in Montreal

Sep 14 2009

A demonstration of anti-Zionist Jews took place in Montreal Canada, in front of the Israeli consulate, on Tuesday, Sep. 8, at 3:30 PM.

Read a press release in French.

La communauté juive orthodoxe du Canada ne tolérera pas les tactiques brutales et cruelles de la police israélienne et l’oppression de la religion juive.

Sep 08 2009

Montréal, 8 septembre 2009 – Le Congrès Rabbinique Central des États-Unis et du Canada (CRC) organise une manifestation qui aura lieu mardi devant le Consulat israélien à Montréal au 1, Westmount Square, où des milliers de Juifs orthodoxes descendront d

Anti-Zionist Jewish Groups Protest Against Israeli Police Brutality

Sep 02 2009

In reaction to the recent police brutality against Orthodox Jews in Jerusalem, a mass picketing took place on Wednesday, September 2 at 2:30 PM in front of the Zionist consulate in Manhattan at 800 2nd Ave, corner 42nd St.

More Than a Thousand Protest in Beis Shemesh

Aug 07 2007

Sunday evening, more than a thousand Jews gathered in Beis Shemesh, under the leadership of gedolei hador, including Rabbi Tuvia Weiss, rav of Jerusalem, to express the pained cry of the three heroes who endure prison sentences for the honor of G-d's na

Protest Against Brutal Treatment of Arrested Demonstrators in Beis Shemesh

Jul 22 2007

The Central Rabbinical Congress of U.S.A and Canada has called for a mass demonstration on Tuesday, July 24th, 2007 at 2:30 PM in front of the consulate of the State of Israel at 800 2nd Ave, New York, to protest the brutal behavior of the Israeli polic

Questions and Answers Regarding Protest on April 28, 2005

Apr 28 2005

Questions and Answers Concerning Protest Outside the Israeli Consulate, 28 April 2005
New York City, April 28, 2005
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