What percentage of Jews are Zionists?

Oct. 19, 2012

What percentage of the Jews in the world consider themselves to be "Zionists" Jews?

How can the Zionist's in Israel be considerd Jewish if it is against the Torah to establish a Jewish Homeland before the "End Times"?

Are there any Rabbis here in St. Joseph, Mo that I could talk to personally?

Thank You

Dear Lloyd,

There are about 13 million Jews in the world. 5.9 million live in the Zionist state. Of those, the ultra-Orthodox make up about 10%. The ultra-Orthodox are opposed to Zionism and uniformly refuse to serve in the army. Regarding rest it is hard to know. People define themselves as "orthodox" "ultra-orthodox" and "traditional" according to mode of dress and lifestyle, schools attended, neighborhoods and so on. (And the Orthodox segment of the population is growing rapidly due to high birth rates and outreach movements.) There are many more Jews who may not live such an Orthodox lifestyle, yet are opposed to the state and sympathize with the anti-Zionist cause.

Furthermore, even among secular, non-observant Jews, there is a large and growing number who are opposed to the crimes of Zionism. There is a movement of secular youth who refuse to serve in the army for this reason. There are peace activists like Gush Shalom and B'tzelem and Peace Now. Many of the followers of these movements are young people who grew up learning the true history of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as publicized by the new historians and formed their opinions accordingly. Therefore it is very hard to arrive at an exact figure of how many Jews in the Holy Land oppose Zionism. If we assume, based on draft refusal statistics, that this segment of the secular population is about 10%, we have a total of about 19% of Jewish Israelis opposed to Zionism, or 1.12 million. The other 4.78 million would be Zionists.

In America there are about 5 million Jews, and a recent study found only half of American Jews under the age of 35 are comfortable with the idea of a Jewish state. Among older Jews the percentage of Zionists is somewhat higher. Among the opponents of Zionism are the ultra-Orthodox Jews of America, who number close to 15%. If we assume that 60% of the total number are Zionists, that is 3 million. If trends in the rest of the world's Jewish communities are similar to those of America, that would make a total of 4.26 million Zionists in the world outside of the state of Israel. All togther that is about 9 million Zionists, or 69% of the world's Jewish population.

A Jew is always a Jew no matter what he does, but we can still say that the Zionists are Jews not acting in accordance with Judaism.

I'm not aware of any rabbi in St. Joseph. In St. Louis there are two Orthodox rabbis: Rabbi Zeev Samson 3149912100, and Rabbi Menachem Greenblatt 314-863-8978. I don't know them personally so I cannot tell you what their views are on Zionism.

Hersh Lowenthal

Thank you very much for replying to my questions. I have been studying
religion in general and in particular the problems in the middle east
concerning Israel and the Palestinian Arabs for about two years.

It is so difficult discovering the truth when the news media, out of
ignorance or selfish controlled views, fail to tell the public the truth on
what is really going on. Most people I meet don't care or won't take the
time and effort to find out what is true and what is fiction.

About three years ago I started subscribing to the paper "American Free
Press" and the magazine "The Barnes Review". I found it fascinating because
it writes about news items that you rarely find in the main stream media.

Also I read that the Zionist were the Jews worst enemy in WWl l. Apparently
the Zionists were more interested in building up the state of Israel than
the plight of the common Jew. Especially the aged and sick.

I had hoped that you were going to tell me that there were a higher
percentage of orthodox Jews not supporting Zionism! The sad thing is that
the general public, the politicians and the news media do not make any
distinction between the different Jewish view points.

There are parts of Islam, Christianity and the Jewish faith that I find
deplorable. I was raised a Christian but as I got older and studied the
religions of the world, I found I could not agree with any of them.

I have not been able to verify what I have found on the internet about the
Jewish views on child molestation. I have read that sex with young children
is accepted if they are young enough because the hymen will grow back and
the girl will still be considered a virgin. All gentile children are
animals (Yebamoth 98a) Gentiles prefer sex with cows (Abodah Zarah 22a-22b)
There are several more but I don't want to go on.
Hopefully you can explain these statements as being mis-quoted ar false.

The Christian bible and also your holy book in Leviticus and Deuteronomy
have some questionable passages to be included in a so called Holy Book
written by God. Women should speak only in private, if you find your bride
is not a virgin on your wedding night, you are suppose to kill her and put
her body on her fathers door step, all gays and lesbians should be killed,

Look at what the Catholic church did to unbelievers in the past and today
the priest's molestation scandals.

I think it is time for a new religion that is simply based on the ten
commandments, brotherly love and belief in a higher intelligence called god.
I can't believe that the entire world still believes in such archaic views.

Sorry I am taking up your time and I will understand if you do not want to
comment on what I have written.


Dear Lloyd,

The Talmud doesn't say that relations with young children are encouraged or accepted; it says that in the event that a young girl is raped, it makes a difference if the event occurred before three years of age or after, because if she was under three the hymen grows back. The legal implication of this is that if a man betrothed a two-year-old girl (putting her on reserve, so to speak, a common practice in the olden days, although discouraged by the Talmudic rabbis, who wanted the girl to have more of a choice in the matter), waited till she grew up and then married her, and found her not to be a virgin, he would know that she was certainly violated while betrothed to him, because if she had been violated under the age of two, the hymen would have grown back.

However, even in this case the Torah or Talmud definitely do not say to kill her! First of all, it could have happened against her will. Secondly, it could have happened when she was under 12 and not legally responsible. Third, there were no witnesses who saw the violation. In Jewish law a criminal can never be executed unless there were two witnesses and the perpetrator was warned of his punishment and he verbally accepted the warning.

Still, in the above case, he is forbidden to continue living with this wife because of the possibility that she committed adultery while betrothed to him. He must divorce her. In Judaism adultery is considered a complete destruction of a marriage; after adultery has taken place the marriage cannot continue.

The Talmud Yebamoth 98a does not say that gentile children are animals; it says that if a gentile boy and girl have the same father but not the same mother, they are permitted to get married, because the Torah does not look at them as siblings. Gentiles are only considered to be related to their maternal siblings. The reason, says the Talmud, is not because we don't know who the father is; it is because the Torah disregards the paternity. It uses animals as an analogy - people disregard the paternity of an animal.

The passage about gentiles preferring cows referred to a specific group of very immoral gentiles among whom the Talmudic sages lived.

It is true that a homosexual act between two men is a capital crime (Leviticus 20:13). But lesbian acts, although prohibited, are not punishable by death.

It is sad that various websites portray these Jewish laws the way you saw them portrayed. One of the unfortunate consequences of the Internet Age is that it is so easy to find negative portrayals of almost any group, institute or organization.

However, the Torah does give us certain guidelines for what is right and wrong, more specific than just the Ten Commandments. We believe that morality can be decided only by G-d, and is not something that can change with the styles of the times. If you believe that man makes the rules of morality, you are setting yourself up for trouble, for who is to say that in some future generation they will not decide that murder is acceptable? We have already seen the Chinese murder newborn girls. When man makes the rules, there are really no rules, and everything is subject to change.